Mark your calendar for this special fundraiser

100 fiberart for a cause

I’m happy to share that once again I will be contributing artwork to Virginia Speigal‘s FiberArt for a Cause fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. This year The 100 Fundraiser to Fight Cancer will bring FiberArt for a Cause’s total contribution to a total of 1/4  million dollars! by raising $10,000 in one day on February 4, 2015.

This is the way it will work:

100 artists will each contribute one piece of artwork.

100 donors will each contribute $100 to the American Cancer Society.

Each donor will then be matched by random number generator with a piece of artwork from this list of participating artists. How cool is that? A piece of original art work from a well known mixed media or textile artist for donating $100 to an excellent cause.

I am in awe of how much money Virginia has generated through her efforts organizing an annual fundraiser that she began in honor of her father.

My contribution will be this piece of artwork

moth 100

10″ x 8″

moth close up

The base patchwork is made from cut up mixed media samplers from my Tea & Ephemera class, that begins with my faux tea stained fabric made with with textile paint. The samplers include stamping, collaged art papers and tea bags with hand drawn and printed images, and metallic gold painted fabric. The moth was then painted on the patchwork with acrylic inks and machine quilted on a Peltex substrate.


I also just finished a small commission piece, in the style of my other metal house pieces, kind of like a modified large Fiesta Ornament. You can see one I made for FiberArt for a Cause in 2009  here and another one here. For this commision I used copper instead of aluminum, as requested by the client.copper house

I love the color of the copper, it’s more difficult to work with than aluminum, since it’s a harder metal, my fingers were a bit sore by the time I finished the cutting and embossing, but it was well worth it. I love the look of the copper, and another benefit is the doors are very sturdy and less likely to get bent if bumped than when I have done this with aluminum.

copper house side
I often get asked about the challenges of sewing metal on my machine. First I’ll say, aluminum is easy and can be sewn on any machine, copper is harder and some machines may not sew through it, but if you have a machine with metal gears it should not be a problem. I sewed this on my 26 year old Pfaff 1475. I also use titanium needles for all my sewing/quilting which are stronger than other needles, but a standard 90/14 should work just fine.

copper house paintingAll the fabric is painted, on 100% cotton, with Setacolor textile paints and backed with Peltex heavy weight interfacing. Because of the stiffness of the finished piece and the limitations created by the size (8″ x 12″), I did very little stitching since it’s more difficult to maneuver under the arm of the machine.

Now, time to get back to several other projects I’ve got in the works.

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  1. Jane LaFazio says:

    Oh Judy, simply gorgeous. I especially LOVE the tea bag one. Honestly, you are one of the most talented artists I know! Fabulous work.

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