More Vintage Illusion- a mini tutorial

In the last week or two I have seen a lot of these butterflies in my neighborhood.  This one landed on the side of our building and I love the way the orange matched perfectly with the brick.

I snapped this photo with the camera on my phone and threw it into photoshop to crop it square. I decided to play around with adding the illusion of making it look like it was taken with an old camera using a ttv (through the lense) filter. You can find a few here that blogger Hush Mama has generously uploaded to share.

If you have photoshop or a similar program that allows you to work with layers you can create this effect by starting with one of your photos.

Then take a jpg of a ttv lense

and layer it over your image in photoshop and stretch it to fit the same size as your photo, then go over to the layers menu on the right side of your screen and select multiply.

That will merge the two images together to make this vintage looking photo.

2 Responses to “More Vintage Illusion- a mini tutorial”

  1. iHanna says:

    I’m just experimenting with layers and photo edting, thanks for another great tutorial. I will try that option next !

  2. Jane LaFazio says:

    very cool! I will try this.

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