My Ultimate Challenge: flying to Dallas

Fear of FlyingAfter a fabulous week in Austin, I spent the weekend in Dallas with my good friends Vickie Hallmark and Julie Upshaw, who were members of my art quilt group when I lived in Austin.

Since we only had two days to get together and Dallas is a 4 hour drive from Austin, Vickie suggested her husband fly us up there in their private plane. If you know my work you know my quilt titled Fear of Flying which is about having a very turbulent flight from Cleveland to Chicago and learning that I didn’t need to be as afraid of flying as I have been most of my life, after a conversation with an aeronautical engineer.

I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry after Vickie made the offer because I knew that the only way one overcomes fear is to face it head on, and I can’t imagine a bigger challenge for me would be anything other than flying in a little plane.

planeSo I did it!

I’m not going to say I wasn’t a little bit afraid, I was, but I was also very confident that Keenan was an excellent pilot and I could trust him to get us there safely.

I’m so glad I made the choice to not let my fear control me and allow myself to have fun with my friends over the weekend. IMG_7593
Our first stop of the day was the Dallas Craft Guild. What a fantastic facility, with large workspaces set up with tables and equipment for jewelry making, glass work, pottery etc. and artisan shop where there was an exhibit of Fiona Duthie’s amazing felt work. Check out Fiona’s blog! It makes me want to play with the prefelts I have stacked in one of my drawers. craft guild

Then we drove to Denton, TX (I love this victorian building in the town square) to see the exhibit Materials Hard and Soft. Sorry no photos, but check out the link to see some of the wonderful work in the exhibit.

After the exhibit we grabbed a cup of hot coffee to warm up, it was very cold, then we wandered into a large antiques mall where I was amazed to find baskets of vintage medicines, many with pills and ointments stillIMG_7609 in the packages! I’m very curious how one feels after taking Cathartic pills, lol.

On Sunday,
IMG_7633we headed over to the Dallas Quilt show, where we ran into Carol Morrissey, who has a brand new line of templates for designing hexie quilts. Hexie

Hexies are all the rage these days. I have never considered making a hexie quilt because I don’t do handwork, but Carol’s ingenious series of templates are designed to make machine piecing hexies easy! Now I totally want to do it, and I love that ring of bees!

Then we spent the afternoon in the Bishop Arts district, which is a Dallas neighborhood filled with cafes, galleries and cool artsy shops.IMG_7638
I adored the store We Are 1976, filled with original prints ready for framing, and many fun things I would love to have, like this fox
I love these glasses from another shop.
IMG_7641We flew back to Austin late that afternoon and so ended a really fun weekend with dear friends who I don’t get to see often enough.
Next stop Connecticut.

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  1. Tory Fravel says:

    Judy, so glad you faced your fear. My husband and I built an airplane in 1961 and we flew it all over California for years. Didn’t know about quilting then, but sure enjoyed flying around the state.

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