Painted Bag

I have had this black book bag for several years. Today it looked like it needed painting. I painted it with metallic textile paints, the only thing you can paint on black that will show up with out a lot of extra work. It is difficult to photograph, the metallic paint reflects the light from the flash so it is hard to capture the color.

I am off to the Blogher conference in the morning and then to the opening of Ty’s origami exhibit in the evening.

2 Responses to “Painted Bag”

  1. Marty52 says:

    Very cool… love the gecko! Thanks for the tip on the metallic textile paints on black… hope to use that someday!

  2. Rom says:

    i am just new here in the blogger and i stumble upon your site. I am amazed and i really admire you, you are really a talented person. keep up the good works

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