Quilted trees

I have finished quilting the trees, I did not want to obscure the lines of painted images so I am opting to quilt slightly outside the painted image lines. I want it to retain its painting quality. I often have a tendency to quilt over my lines, so it becomes harder to tell if it is painted.

I am outlining all the plants in the grass with green thread, then I will add quilted details to the larger leaves.

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  1. Melissa P says:

    I can almost hear the wind whispering in those trees.

  2. cindy shake says:

    That’s a good idea to quilt just outside of the painted lines! You’re right, after all the beautiful effort of hand painting the stitch would hide your lovely hand work ;o)

  3. Karoda says:

    You have such impressive control in your painting and stitching! You must have hands of a surgeon 🙂

  4. Beth says:

    This is turning out so great, Judy. Thanks for posting the photos. I click on them and they fill my screen. I almost feel like I’m there (except, I’d be a lot colder there than here in ABQ!)

  5. Laura says:

    Hi Judy,
    What type of thread and needle are you using for this quilting top and bottom. I really like the look of it. Also it’s hard to tell but about how many stitches per inch are you quilting? You have such great control and I love the rhythm of your quilting:)
    Laura T

  6. Hi Laura,
    I am using primarily Madeira polyneon thread. I have a lot of colors in that so I end up using that the most, but I also have threads by several other companies that get used if the color is right, most of them are good quality polyester threads. I like Madeira’s polyester threads because they have a nice sheen, don’t make a lot of lint and they are strong. I usually put it in the bobbin too. But I also really like bottom line from Superior for the bobbin and I also use it if I want to use a thinner weight thread.

    I use Organ titanium needles, size 90/14.

    My quilting stitches vary because I am freemotion quilting everything. But to give you a sense of scale, in the first picture, the tree leaves are about an inch and a half in length.

  7. Patsy Thompson says:

    Hi Judy,
    Thanks so much for posting all the pictures of every stage of this quilt. The painting, the quilting…all I can say is “WOW!” This is all so beautiful and so inspiring to watch from afar!

  8. jojo says:

    JUDY – it’s just beautiful! I love it and have to sit on my hands to not start a whole cloth painting. I hate when my OCD is overwhelmed by my ADD.

    Have a great Thanksgiving.


    ps – you know I have “Color Theory” work to do!

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