Quilting Arts Gifts 2008

Remember last years Quilting Arts gifts? This year the gifts issue is bigger and better than ever. It is packed with great projects. Look at that table of contents, two pages of holiday goodness!

I wrote an article for making my felted wool ornaments. You can see them hanging on the tree in the photo in the bottom right corner of the first table of contents page.

Look at Pokey’s adorable dog in that pink jacket, too cute, and I love LuAnne’s awesome messenger bags, in the bottom left corner of the second page. Don’t you want one of those?

3 months until Christmas doesn’t seem like enough time to start whipping up all those handmade gifts, cause it looks like there are a lot of good ones in here.

This issue will be on sale in the stores starting September 15, but I bet we’ll find it in some places before that.

2 Responses to “Quilting Arts Gifts 2008”

  1. KarenF says:

    My favorite local shop has it already…cool stuff in there!

  2. Thank you so much for bringing up this nice gift shop idea. 🙂


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