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On Thursday, I taped several segments for season 700 of Quilting Arts TV and a new DVD. My first topic for QATV was working with Shiva paintsticks and freezer paper templates.

The next segment was on using tea bags for collage on fabric, like we did in my tea and ephemera class.

Getting hooked up with a mike before the next segment begins.

This season Pokey has included a new segment in the show called Save My UFO, where guests give suggestions on quilts in progress that viewers have requested help with.

Pokey reads through a letter from the quilt maker about what they would like to accomplish with their piece and where they need help.

Helen snaps a photo before the taping begins.

Pippa and Helen working away in the green room.

Jeannie Delpit, from Bernina, is so helpful with the machines on set.

Malka Dubrawsky and I met each other at the airport in Cleveland and drove out to the studios together on wednesday and met Kerr Grabowski who was taping a DVD in the morning.

Here’s a pic of Malka on the monitor in the green room while taping one of her segments.

The last few weeks (months) have been so busy with teaching and preparing for all of this, I am glad I don’t need to go anywhere for the next month or so, I am tired!

5 Responses to “Quilting Arts TV”

  1. Jane LaFazio says:

    Just looking at the photo of the stencils and paintstiks inspires me! Can’t wait to see your episodes, Judy. Now I’m off to glue teabags to fabric!

  2. Cindy Shake says:

    Great photos! I also like the colors in the Studio set design ;o) Can’t wait to see the episodes and say “I saw it here first” -ha!

  3. Rachel says:

    Thanks for the behind-the-scenes pics from the taping. You have the greatest smile–goes with your personality. Looking forward to the show.

  4. Martha says:

    I so wish you would take more time on a project than racing through each segment and not having things fully explained, how about only two things a show!!??

  5. Martha talk to the producers of the show. The guests have no control over how long the segments are. Things have greatly improved from the initial 3 minute segments on the first season, but I believe people who make tv shows think people have very short attention spans.

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