Quilting in the Garden


painting-floral-meLast week I taught a workshop in Livermore, California in conjunction with a show called Quilting in the Garden at Alden Lane Nursery.

In this workshop we used textile paints to paint floral imagery on fabric. We covered painting backgrounds, smooth gradations, glazing, painting fine details, how to avoid paint bleeding, and many other things. It’s kind of like taking what could be a semester long college class in 6 short hours.

painting-floral-1 painting-floral-1a

I’m always amazed at how well people do in such a short amount of time, especially those that tell me they’ve never painted before.

painting-floral-2a painging-floral-3 painting-floral-3a

I think I’m most proud of them for taking the plunge to try something new that they may initially feel so uncomfortable with.

painting-floral-4a painting-floral-5 painting-floral-5a

Learning how to paint, doesn’t come over night, like any skill it takes hours of practice, but the thing to remember is it is a SKILL and the more you do it the easier it gets.

painting-floral-6a painting-floral-7
So much beautiful work. I love helping people learn all the basics for successful painting on fabric with what ever paint media they like to use.


On Sunday, I went back to Alden Lane Nursery to see the show with Jenny Lyons, Martha Wolfe and Martha’s friend Maureen.
Lucky for me, Maureen lives nearby Alden Lane and she kindly let me stay over at her house the night before I taught, so I wouldn’t have to wake up at 4 am to drive through hours of traffic before teaching. Thanks goodness for friends and friends of friends in the teaching world!!!



Sunday was lovely day, and the quilts fluttering in the breeze over head were beautiful.

jennyThe highlight was seeing the Yvonne Porcella special tribute exhibit ‘Live Your Brightest Life’.

The exhibit was a huge hit with attendees and will travel to a few other venues after this one.

During PIQF next month, special busses will be available to take people over to Alden Lane to see the quilts and the tribute quilts will also be hanging at Crafting a Life in January.




The quilt on the left is by Robin Gausebeck, the tree in the middle is by Judy Tucker and the red kitty on the right is by my friend Kathy York. These 3 look so great together!


The grapes on the left is by Pokey Bolton, the quilt in the middle is by Melanie Testa and on the right by Misty Cole.


The cow on the left is by Martha Wolfe and my quilt is on the right. You can see all the quilts on Crafting A Life’s Facebook page here.


Be sure to stop back here on Thursday for my video chat with Deborah Boschert, where you can win a copy of her new book Art Quilt Collage: A Creative Journey in Fabric, Paint and Stitch


I’d love to spark your creativity at one of these upcoming events:

Nov 3-6 International Quilt Festival, Houston
Nov 1  Tsukineko Inks
Nov 2 Tea and Ephemera
Nov 3 Tsukineko inks
Nov 4 Blessings in the Wind: mixed media prayer flags

January 12-15  Craft Napa – Sign up Now!
Jan 12 Painting Imagery with Textile Paints
Jan 12 Fast and Fun Foam Stamps
Jan 13 Paint and Print-a-palooza
Jan 14 Blessings in the Wind, mixed-media prayer flags

Keep creating, Judy

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