Road to California- the conference

A few months ago I had a blog post with the same name except then I was driving across country to move, this time I’m going to drive (going south) across the state to teach at the Road to California conference. I can’t tell you how nice it will be to drive with all my supplies instead of fly! The TSA just loves me, they really enjoy opening bottles of paint in my luggage and not closing them properly.

I have spent the last several days organizing supplies for my classes, which meant occasionally searching high and low to remember where I unpacked and put something.


Illustrated Document No1Most of my time has been spent getting things together for my class Tea & Ephemera.

I had to prepare fabric, (shown above) and make piles of all the different media we use in this class; prints of images to draw on tea bags, printed abaca paper, lots of different decorative papers, fancy printed table napkins, printed labels, colored pencils, textile paint, thermofax screens, shiva paint sticks, stencils, rubber stamps and ink pads, CD’s in lieu of handing out 12 pages of handouts in color, etc.


I’m excited to introduce something new for students to purchase in this class, and that’s themed preprinted abaca paper to collage on fabric. This will be especially good for those who may be leery of sticking strange things, like tea bags or tissue weight papers in their printers, share the printer with other family members who may not be so keen on them doing it, or for people who don’t own a toner based printer or one with water proof ink, or may not have a collection of illustrative copyright free imagery for printing.

I’ll head to Los Angeles Tuesday morning, have dinner in Santa Monica and stay over with my old college roommate, then Wednesday afternoon I drive the remaining 40 miles to Ontario. I’m looking forward to seeing lots of friends at the show, indulging in some good creative fun time, and enjoying the warm sunshine in Southern California. Life is good!

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  1. Joan Timmons says:

    Hi Judy, I had an incredibly great time in your classes at Road to California. I learned so much working outside of the creative boundaries I had set for myself. Now I just need to slow down my brain and work on what I learned. You will definitely see me again!
    Thanks! Joan.

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