Sorry about that temporary weirdness!

bee paintingI’m so sorry if you stopped by my blog today and found some creepy parasitic activity or subscribe and got a few strange foreign language blog posts sent to you this morning. My website was hacked over night 🙁 , but it has all been put to right and my web host is investigating how it happened to try and prevent it in the future.

Unfortunately there are people who excel in nefarious behavior on the internet and seem to enjoy giving people headaches and extra work that takes time away from more pleasurable activities.


3 Responses to “Sorry about that temporary weirdness!”

  1. Caroline says:

    Its almost like a ritual coming of age on the internet; please don’t apologise for the actions of a few pathetic sociopaths! Most of us these days just accept that it happens, and I hope it hasn’t put anyone off following your blog, because they are going to miss out, big time!
    The upside is your web host will have learned something new and be just that bit more diligent!
    Love the photo! So many layers to explore!

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