Start your fiber art collection now with a CSA ArtBox!

You’ve heard of buying a CSA farm box of veggies from a local grower and having it delivered to your door right? Well, ArtBox, CSA is a smilar concept that a group of well known and loved 🙂 textile artists are trying out. We have created a beautiful collection of unique artwork to be delivered and ready to hang in your home or office. 
Participating artists are: top row Jamie Fingal, me, Lyric Kinard, Deborah Boschert 
bottom row Leslie Tucker Jenison, Desiree Habicht, Kathy York, and Sue Bleiweiss

Each unique piece is mounted on an
8″x 8″x 1 1/2″ canvas that simply hangs 
on a nail. 
See the whole collection here.
Full Art Box 8 pieces of artwork – $640 
only 6 boxes available, US Shipping $30
Half Art Box 4 pieces of artwork – $375
only 6 boxes available, US Shipping $20 

Priced at less that $100 per art piece, this is a total steal. 

FYI, 3 full art boxes have already sold.
Combining images of nature and technology with paper and fabric, my series of quilted mixed media textile pieces incorporate vintage engravings printed on abaca paper, technical drawings from old text books and sewing pattern tissues collaged on painted fabric, then embellished with thermofax screened floral patterns, and stamped text and insect imagery. 

The focal point of each collage was painted with inks and enhanced with colored pencil. A free-motion machine stitched pattern based on gothic ironwork and accented with sheer color from paint sticks, brings cohesion to the overall design.


Check out ArtBox, CSA now.

9 Responses to “Start your fiber art collection now with a CSA ArtBox!”

  1. Kit Lang says:

    What a fantastic idea!!

    Lots of luck with this new venture(but I know you won’t need it!)

  2. Jane LaFazio says:

    beautiful series, Judy!!

  3. sherry says:

    so cool…wonderful work…the art CSA is a great idea

  4. WoolenSails says:

    Wonderful idea and with such beautiful pieces that go together so beautifully, it is sure to be a hit with people who want a group setting.


  5. Lisa Chin says:

    Beautiful! I wish I could order one right now. Best Wishes!

  6. Erilyn says:

    Beautiful work Judy! Love the concept, hope it works really well.

  7. love your art. I do have a question. I paint and mount my quilt art on canvas that I paint first.. would like to wrap them around as yours looks like it is. Are you taking the canvas off first or working directly on the canvas as it comes from the store..

  8. Vivian, I left the canvas in place, created the painted collage on fabric and quilted it. Then wrapped the quilted piece around it the canvas covered frame. I did not put batting in the side corners where the fabric would be folded over itself, to eliminate any bulk.

  9. Lynette (NZ) says:

    Your collection looks just beautiful 🙂

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