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The Gigahertz Awards

On Thursday, Phil and I took a bus to Karlsruhe where we would spend the next several days of or trip. The reason me and Phil went back to Germany was so he, along with his fellow Hub band mates, could receive the prestigious Gigahertz Lifetime Achievement Award for their work in experimental electronic music at […]

Our second trip to Germany in 2018 began in the Saarland

I was planning on writing up one blog post for our trip to Germany, but when I started to narrow down photos to share I realized I  have way too many to share at once, so it’s going to be spread out in 3 or 4 separate posts over the next week instead, while I […]

From the Rhine to Kassel, Germany -part 5

It rained on and off the day we left the Rhine valley. We drove on the autobahn and also small country roads. We drove past bright yellow fields with windmills and over softly rolling hills dotted with small villages. Our destination was the town of Kaufungen, in the district of Kassel, to visit a friend we […]

Day tripping the Rhine Valley -part 4

After we left the wonderful city of Mainz, Germany we drove about an hour into the Rhine valley which is one of Germany’s famous wine regions and home to many castles. Up until this point in my life the only castles I had seen were a few pseudo-castles built by ultra rich families in New […]

From the Black Forest to Mainz -part 3

We loved our time in Ettlingen, Germany during my exhibit at Nadelweldt. Each morning and evening, we walked through this lovely village, passing by the stream, and across a park to get the bus to Karlsruhe where the convention was held. Every afternoon we saw people sitting at the cafe next to the park eating […]

Judy’s European adventure- part 2, Nadelweldt

We returned from Strasbourg to the lovely village of Ettlingen, where our hotel was located for the duration of the Nadelweldt convention to began organizing for my exhibit and teaching. I have to give a huge thank you to my friend Birgit Schueller, who recommended me to the organizers of this show, and I can’t […]