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You never know the potential of something you thought was going nowhere…

When teaching classes, I make a lot of samples, some go well, some not so good. While in Brisbane, I made several samples for creating textured backgrounds. These all went outside to dry on plastic through out the day. Later in the afternoon, someone brought in one of my painted pieces that I had forgotten […]

Inspired by Seed Pods, Gum Leaves and Banksia

This is another sample from one of my acrylic ink workshops in Australia. The pods, leaves and flowers were stamped on top of a colorful textured background, reminiscent of dappled light and leafy trees, using hand carved rubber stamps. I carved the leaf stamp on both sides, so I could get the leaves to hang […]

Inspired by Gum Leaves

While teaching in Australia I had several opportunities  to teach classes and give demos using acrylic inks that resulted in a series painted fabrics that were inspired by the leaves, flowers and pods I saw.   Gum Leaves finished size 11 1/2″ x 13 1/2″   Gum nuts, leaves and pods finished size 8″ x […]