You never know the potential of something you thought was going nowhere…

big leaves
When teaching classes, I make a lot of samples, some go well, some not so good. While in Brisbane, I made several samples for creating textured backgrounds. These all went outside to dry on plastic through out the day. Later in the afternoon, someone brought in one of my painted pieces that I had forgotten about. The colors were a little dark and muddy and not very interesting, but when I turned the fabric over to the side that had been on the plastic, there were some very interesting textures in the paint that had a nice distressed quality that reminded me of dry leaves.

So, I painted some large leaf shapes with white acrylic ink, which lightened up the fabric without completely obscuring the color and mottled patterning underneath. After it dried, I painted the leaves in shades of green and sponged on some copper ink speckles and stamped a few gum nuts.

big gum detailI think its really important to be able to remain fairly detached from the end results when working. Be optimistic, but don’t be afraid to ruin it either, take risks, because that is often when the magic happens.

I really love the earthy colors in this piece, with the contrasting random spots of pure bright blue and orange.

big gum leaves
13″ x 14″

I love a happy accident that turns into something special. I think this is my favorite piece I painted while in Australia.

6 Responses to “You never know the potential of something you thought was going nowhere…”

  1. karoda says:

    It is a beautiful piece. Are you planning to do a comparison between the happy accident and attempting to create this effect intentionally?

  2. Lynette (NZ) says:

    Love this. It is gorgeous

  3. That is indeed a very happy accident. The end effect is gorgeous.

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