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Coming up for air in the new year

I feel like I’ve been a bit of a hermit the last few weeks, taking some time to reconnect at home and recharge, but now it’s time to wrap up 2016 and get started with 2017. Since my last post was before Christmas I couldn’t show you what I was working on most of December. […]

The Creative Textiles show in Canberra

I’ve been so busy since I came back from Australia. 3 days after I came home I was on the road to central California to give a lecture and teach a workshop and for the last week I’ve been catching up with my kids, dealing with an on going health problem of my daughter, spending some time […]

New handwarmers for fall

I still have a few projects that I am working on that are not all that creative and art focussed so I am getting my fill of creating in the evenings with some more knitting. I started this pair of handwarmers last winter, I had one knit and about an inch and a half of […]

This is what I really want to do right now

When those first few signs of fall are evident, I always want to break out the knitting and start a new project. I really love to knit because it engages a totally different part of my brain than painting and quilting and frankly I have a hard time just relaxing without something in my hands. […]

Happy thanksgiving!

As I sit here with a cup of hot tea, I give thanks to making it through another rough year in this economy and still having a roof over our heads, for all the fantastic opportunities I have had traveling to new places and old while teaching and making new friends in the process. I […]

A little travel knitting

I am leaving Wednesday for Long Beach to teach at International Quilt Festival. I always like to have a small scale knitting project along for those times when I am passing the hours at the airport and flying. I came across this free pattern for arm warmers on, it looked like just the right balance […]

Toasty soft handwarmers

With the instant arrival of fall and obvious signs of winter I have been finishing up projects started last year and thinking about new ones. I like to have a lot of hand warmers around because when the weather starts getting really cold and I need full coverage outside I will wear these inside. I […]

Must Have Cardigan Finished!

With the arrival of fall and cold weather, I decided to pick up the sweater that I started last year and finished it just in time for the chilly mornings we are getting here in Chicago. The best part about this sweater besides the soft cotton yarn from Knitpicks is the fact that it actually […]

Knitting Lace

As the summer warms up, I have set aside my cable sweater project and pulled out some lace weight yarn to knit. I have 3 skeins of Knitpicks Shadow in Jewels that has been sitting in one of my yarn baskets. Things have been pretty stressful and I decided I needed something that would be […]

Must Have Cardigan

The Must Have Cardigan #2 progresses, I have now completed the body, knitting the fronts and back in one piece.I love cables! I am so glad I am finally at the level of knitting that I do not have to consult the chart for every line and can blissfully knit away knowing what I should […]

Embracing my inner silver and knitting berets

I hate dying my hair! I know it is probably the easiest way to hold on to that illusion of youth, but the earth mama that resides within me has always hated the maintenance and the idea that toxic chemicals are being absorbed by my scalp. I have been dyeing my hair for at least […]

New Debbie Bliss Knitting

This is a beautiful new knitting magazine to hit the store shelves. I found several patterns in here I would love to knit. Interweave knits has been one of my favorites for years, but the majority of the knit wear in the last several issues have not appealed to me at all. Frankly many of […]

Talented knitting friends

Tony Limuaco and I met as students at what was then called the Otis Art Institute of Parsons School of Design in Los Angeles, back in the early 80’s. (Sometime between then and now the two schools ended their affiliation) After graduation Tony went to NYC to make his way in the world. Thanks to […]

I Must Have Another…

Must Have Cardigan. I made this sweater two years ago with Knitpicks Shine worsted cotton cream yarn. I made a size large thinking that would be the right size for me. Well, it came out lovely and BIG. It is such a classic sweater style. It was fun to knit, and the yarn is so […]

The Surplice Lace Top

Pattern: Surplice Lace Top by Gayle BunnSize: mediumNeedle: US 6, 2 & 4 Yarn: Elann Den-M-Nit Pure Dark Indigo Cotton The pattern called for knitting a front, back and three pieces for the top. I knit this in the round in one piece only seaming the shoulders and setting in the sleeves. I hate sewing […]

Knitted Hand Warmers

For when it is not completely freezing outside or when your kind of cold inside.Nina always has cold hands inside, especially when she is sitting at the computer too long. I made her these hand warmers out of Knitpicks Shine Worsted. They are soft pima cotton, she always feels itchy with wool, even merino. She […]

The Silver Belle

I finally finished! All I need is some fabulous buttons. This was really interesting to knit, it went together in three pieces. The bottom panel and the two sleeves came up to make the front and back. The seaming is practically invisible. I think I started this in September, it took me a long time […]

Silver Belle Progress

Amongst many other projects in the works the Silver Belle progresses. The peplum is done and I have begun a sleeve. My son has a long appointment today at the orthodontist so I should make some good progress on that sleeve.

The Silver Belle

This summer I picked up Vogue knitting (Fall 2007) and fell in love with this pattern. It is free on the Vogue Knitting website. I was able to read about other people making this pattern on Ravelry and by googling the pattern name to see what issues people had when making it. I love the […]

Nantucket Jacket is finished!

Buttons on and it was just cool enough to wear it the first half of today. I love it, and this time my sister won’t get it. ^_^


Wow I finally got onto Ravelry. I think I signed up on the waiting list several months ago. They are inviting 400 people a day and it took that long to get to me. This is the the coolest site. It is a place for knitters and crocheters to keep track of their projects; finished, […]

Nantucket Jacket

I finished the Nantucket jacket from Interweave Interweave knits Winter 2006. Knit with Knitpicks Swish Superwash in Indigo heather. I added two inches to the body length since I am tall, but I think I could have added an inch or so more so that the flare would really fall on the hips. I added […]

Finished Socks

These are the Clessidra stockings you can find the pattern on I used Knitpicks Bare – Merino Wool/ Silk, fingering weight yarn. I thought knitting knee socks might be tedious, but these were great. The patterning of the cables kept it interesting all the way to the toes. These are the Embossed leaves from […]

What’s on the needles

Finished just in time for my trip to Maine. This is the Soleil top from knit with Knitpicks Shine sport. This is the second top I have knit in this pattern. I knit this one in the same size for the bottom half as my previous top but with a smaller size for the […]