The Creative Textiles show in Canberra

trevorI’ve been so busy since I came back from Australia.

3 days after I came home I was on the road to central California to give a lecture and teach a workshop and for the last week I’ve been catching up with my kids, dealing with an on going health problem of my daughter, spending some time with my boyfriend, going thru mail, bills, etc. and then I caught a cold. I guess that’s natures way of making me slow down and take a break, like Trevor the official Kelpie mascot of Unique Stitching.

Now back to the show:

During my second week in Canberra, I taught classes and gave demos of painting techniques with Unique Stitching at the Creative Textiles show. This show is geared to showcase a variety of textile arts with exhibits, vendors and classes.

A few of the exhibits were

Dijanne Cevaalthe beautifully stitched Sentinelle series by Dijanne Cevaal


Brenda Gael Smithand Brenda Gael Smith‘s curated exhibit Living Colour. Let me tell you this is a fantastic exhibit, check out the link for pics and info on all the quilts. This is Brenda the day she hung the exhibit, hence the orange vest, this was not a fashion statement, it is required attire on set up and take down days at conventions.

I was thrilled to see two gorgeous quilts in the exhibit that were painted by students from my class in Brisbane using acrylic inks. brenda wood and sue duffy

It’s clear Sue and Brenda really took to using the acrylic inks, two completely different styles and each so successful.


As someone who likes to dabble in knitting, as well as quilting I found the display by the Dairing knitwear design booth very interesting. dairingknitwear

The booth had many unusual fibers in yarn form such as; stainless steel, rubber, paper, mink, camel… and a beautiful display of interesting knit garments and jewelry reminiscent of chain mail. Many of the garments had a Game of Thrones kind of feel, with tunics and multiple layers of different open work textured knits.

dairing yarn

It’s funny, now that I’ve spent a total of 9 weeks in Australia over the last year and taught at 4 conventions, many of the vendors are becoming very familiar to me and are beginning to feel like old friends. These guys always put a smile on my face. Sadly, it only occurred to me to snap a photo of Matteo, Jan and Reece as the show was closing down, the booth half packed and everyone with their orange vests on, but that was after I finished with my teaching commitments and was able to think of things beyond the immediate needs of my classes.

reece scannell

I love the bold graphic designs of Reece Scannel‘s hand printed fabric.  Jan Frazer (in the miidle) designed the beautiful quilts hanging in the booth, check out these links to two of Jan’s gorgeous quilts Chromotropes and Bottlebrush Breezeway. I love my wrap around skirt I bought in Melbourne last April, designed by Reece, with inset floral pod printed panels to remind me of my wonderful trips down under.


lovely linda

It was also really fun to meet my Australian facebook friend Lovely Linda, who was teaching a couple classes at the show too.


On this trip, I had the pleasure to meet textile artist Alysn Midgelow-Marsden.

AlysnCecile brought Alysn over from New Zealand, (she moved there from England a couple years ago), you’re probably familiar with her wonderful books on stitching metal, angelina fibers and textiles. Alysn does amazing things with sheers, metal fabric, beads and stitching and she’s also a lot of fun to hang out and share an apartment with too! I’m very bummed we live on opposite sides of the planet.

By the way, a heads up to Australia and New Zealand folks, Cecile has another great retreat in the works for September in Canberra, with Alysn and Jane Davila, you won’t want to miss it!

tutor displayThis is Alysn and I in front of the tutor display on the show floor.



This beautiful white camellia bush I passed each day, was my inspiration for my acrylic ink painting demos in the Unique Stitching booth.

Here are a few samples of the work produced in my Heavy Metal class.metal 1 metal 2 metal 3 metal 4 metal 5

and I had a mixed group of highschool textile arts students and adults in the Tsukineko inks class and they all produced such lovely work.tsuk girls poppy tsukineko 1 tsuk beetle tsuk girls painting tsuk leaves tsuk parrot
Time to gear up for my next adventure 🙂

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  1. Congrats for the students great work. Gee, you must be an awfully good teacher! :). 🙂

  2. Mary R. Beat says:

    You must come home with brain over-load. Thank goodness you take lots of pictures in order to keep track what your eyes have seen and your brain has absorbed. Then there are people like me who live through your experiences vicariously. I do appreciate the time you spend sharing.

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  4. […] Midgelow-Marsden and I met in Canberra, Australia last April when we were both teaching at the Creative Textiles Show. Alysn lives in New Zealand, (she moved there from England a couple years ago). You may […]

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