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Judy’s European adventure- part 2, Nadelweldt

We returned from Strasbourg to the lovely village of Ettlingen, where our hotel was located for the duration of the Nadelweldt convention to began organizing for my exhibit and teaching. I have to give a huge thank you to my friend Birgit Schueller, who recommended me to the organizers of this show, and I can’t […]

Succulent Love

I have always loved succulents and cacti. Years ago when I lived in Los Angeles, I had a pretty big collection, but I had to give them away when I moved across country. Now that I’m back in California and in a drought, I’ve given up my thirsty garden and have been accumulating succulents again. […]

Oh Canada! Your quilters put on a great show

Jan Krentz and I welcome you to the city of Niagara Falls This was my first trip to the Toronto area of Canada, I’ve been to the east and west sides of Canada, but that was many years ago, back when the border was less daunting. I had a relatively easy crossing, but after talking […]

Are you going to International Quilt Festival Cincinnati?

This will be my first time teaching at IQA‘s newest location. I’ve never been to Cincinnati and am looking forward to spending a long weekend there this spring. Hopefully I’ll still be in Chicago then and can make a road trip out of it instead of fly (so I can bring more stuff, lol). If […]

Tsukineko All Purpose Inks in St. Paul

My Tsukineko Inks class was a large one with 25 students. In this class I teach two different techniques for applying the inks to fabric.  In the first half of the class we use a dry brush method with the Fantastix applicators that are dipped into the ink. Using the Fantastix pen tools are kind […]

Day 1 in St. Paul, what a week!

Last Tuesday, I drove 400 miles from Chicago, IL to St Paul, MN, the longest road trip I have driven by the way, to teach 4 classes at the Minnesota Quilters Show and Conference. It was a wonderful show put on by an all volunteer committee, very impressive! Nina, my daughter and class assistant, painting […]

Hitting the road to St. Paul

I have been busy for the last week, packing supplies for teaching 4 classes at the Minnesota Quilters Show and Conference this week. I have never been to Minnesota before so I am looking forward to seeing a little more of the midwest. Now add to this pile 2 more suitcases for clothes for me and Nina […]

Are you going to International Quilt Festival Long Beach?

July and International Quilt Festival, Long Beach will be here before you know it. I am so excited, I love being in Southern California and teaching in Long Beach. The class catalog is out and registration has begun, so I wanted to let you know I will be teaching three classes this year. Thursday, July […]

Preparing for my first teaching gig of the year

After living in Chicago for 5 years, I feel bad admitting, I have not seen very much of the mid west, If I am not getting on a plane to some distant location, I am usually trying to get in a little bit of time to make new work and playing catch up for my […]

International Quilt Festival Houston

I am so excited Festival is next week, I can hardly wait! Although, I really do need time to pack, you have no idea how much teachers have to bring. Thank you Southwest for 2 free bags! Even though it’s a ton of work to prepare for, Festival is the highlight of my year, I […]


Don’t you love it when you feel like you have accomplished a bunch of stuff on your todo list? I had a really productive day yesterday, I feel like my batteries have been recharged. I am preparing to teach Tsukineko Inks and Color Theory in Houston at International Quilt Festival in November and I have […]

Tea & Ephemera, round 2: Sunday morning

Sunday morning I think all of us were tired and happy, glad that we had such a wonderful opportunity to spend this time together making art and friends. Knowing that these were our last few hours were a little bittersweet. Preparing fabric for everyone to use before hand really helped the class be more relaxed […]

An Ornamental Fiesta

At Create I got to teach one of my favorite classes making Fiesta ornaments. I saw several mother daughter teams at Create, what a fabulous time they always seemed to have together. You know why this woman has such a huge grin? She had never painted before, aren’t her ornaments fantastic? I love having teachers […]

Tea & Ephemera

In the evening I taught Tea & Ephemera, this was a new class for me, so there are always so many things I learn the first time through. I had originally proposed it as a 6 hour class but gave the option of a 3 hour class and that is what got picked. Well, there […]

A trip to DeKalb, IL

I have lived in Chicago almost 5 years and sadly I had not been more than 30 miles west of the city, until Thursday when I drove out to give a lecture and teach a workshop to the DeKalb Country Quilters guild. It was a challenging drive with one of the freeways under construction slowed […]

International Quilt Festival Long Beach

Online enrollment has just started for International Quilt Festival Long Beach. I am so excited to be teaching 3 classes this year! This will be my first time teaching on the west coast. Long Beach is a really fun show, it has great energy, maybe it is all that sunshine that makes people so enthusiastic. […]

Cloth Paper Scissors Create Retreat

I am so excited to share the news that I will be teaching two classes at Create! August 25-29 in Rosemont, IL (that’s where O’hare airport is for all of you who will be flying) Mixed Media Apron 6 hours, Saturday August 28 Using textile paints, gel medium and decorative printed images create a fun […]


I had a great time in Dallas this last weekend, sorry it has taken me a while to get to writing a blog post about it, but the last several days have been pretty hard. I have felt so scattered lately, I was really happy I managed to remember to bring everything I needed to […]

Off to Dallas mañana

Today is my daughter Nina’s 20th birthday, it is so hard to believe she is now officially out of her teen years. How can that much time have flown by? I am off to Dallas in the morning to give a lecture and teach a couple workshops with the Dallas Quilt guild. I am looking […]

Off to St. Louis

Image courtesy of Wikepedia I am packing my bags, let’s hope the kids and dog don’t eat each other while I am gone. I will be giving a lecture Thursday night at 7pm at the St. Louis Artists’ Guild and teaching Mixed Media Painted Fabric and Tsukineko Inks on Saturday and Sunday for MoFA, if […]

Houston Quilt Festival

Look what just came in the mail, are you going?I will be teaching two classes this year and you can find them listed in this part of the catalog. Thursday is the Mixed Media Fabric classand each student will get to choose one of these kits to work’s an example of how one student […]

Painting Whole Cloth Fabric Class at Quilt Festival

Friday I was thrilled to have a full class of 25 wonderful painting students, what a great class. Everyone worked enthusiastically applying paint to fabric while learning to control the flow of the paint, make smooth gradations of color, work with paint mediums for glazing among many other things.So many beautiful paintings…I would like to […]

One month until Quilt Festival

Just a reminder that I will be teaching two classes at the International Quilt Festival Chicago in April. On Thursday April 16th, I am teaching a three hour class on Tsukineko Inks. I will demonstrate two different methods for working with the inks; the dry brush method using the fantastix foam applicators, blending colors on […]

North Suburban Needle Arts Guild

This week I gave a lecture and taught two workshops for the North Suburban Needle Arts Guild. What a great guild, there are quilters, doll makers, beaders, knitters, etc., basically all kinds fiber artists. I taught Painting Fabric for Whole Cloth Quilts the first day and using Tsukineko Inks the second day. Because I consider […]