Day 1 in St. Paul, what a week!

Last Tuesday, I drove 400 miles from Chicago, IL to St Paul, MN, the longest road trip I have driven by the way, to teach 4 classes at the Minnesota Quilters Show and Conference. It was a wonderful show put on by an all volunteer committee, very impressive!

Nina, my daughter and class assistant, painting fabric and then her coffee cup.

My first class on wednesday was Painting Fabric for Whole Cloth Quilts. I always enjoy teaching this class so much, it’s probably one of the most information packed classes, squeezing as much info as I possibly can into 6 hours. This was my smallest class of the week with 11 students, the rest of the week’s classes were full with close to 25 students.

All week my classes were held in a huge room with plenty of space for students to work.
There were a lot of wonderful paintings, the class created freezer paper masks, textured backgrounds, gradated colors, worked with glazing paint to create more contrast and intensity with color and painted fine lines and details. I always provide images for my students to work with, so they don’t have to stress about being creative while they learn new skills.

It’s so fun to see the different ways people paint the images, while they practice the different techniques.

Nina’s painted fabric that she worked on in class.


One Response to “Day 1 in St. Paul, what a week!”

  1. 2ne says:

    Wow, this looks great. Colourful pictures. I visited St.Paul a few years ago – wich I could join you.
    Wish you a great week 🙂

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