Tea and Ephemera and Heavy Metal at Road to CA

DSCN3327So what is ephemera? Well, here is the definition from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary


1: something of no lasting significance 
2: ephemera plural : paper items (as posters, broadsides, and tickets) that were originally meant to be discarded after use but have since become collectibles


Tea & Ephemera is a class that’s all about expanding ones view of the possibilites of what you can do with different mediums and media on fabric by trying out a lot of different techniques in one day; drawing and painting on tea bags, applying printed abaca paper to fabric, collaging with decorative papers, napkins and printed labels, printing with thermofax screens, using Shiva paint stiks with stencils and creating additional texture with rubber stamps.

My goal when teaching this class, is to help students look at everyday objects around them in a new way and find the potential for incorporating items they find interesting into their art.




On Sunday, I taught Heavy Metal Play Day, it was a small class, I think most people head home on sunday if they aren’t local, and the flu was dropping people like flies.


I almost forgot to post a photo of a piece I did in class, using the wire brush from the Walnut Hollow tool box on a piece of blue colored aluminum. I love the look of this and will definitely add it into the repertoire of techniques I teach in class.

Heavy metal play day

I have a lot of fun teaching, but I also have a lot of fun hanging out with fellow teachers and students.

me anna anita

Me, Anna, a friend of Anna’s and teacher Anita Grossman Solomon

I had the pleasure of meeting Anna in Houston at International Quilt Festival where she took two of my classes.
These photos are from a dinner celebrating Anna’s birthday with her quilt group. It was so nice to have two of Anna’s friends in my painting class, too, so I felt right at home among friends.

It was really great having time to get to know Anita Solomon better too and sharing our stories.  I have to say Anita’s amazing fool proof methods for putting blocks together actually has me thinking about wanting to make a traditional quilt! Now, that’s an impressive recommendation 🙂 You should really check out her books and classes if you enjoy piecing, or maybe if you don’t, but want to!

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  1. It was fun hanging out with you after class as well. Glad you were able to join us for a yummy meal.

  2. I LOVE the metalwork! I had a little kit in the 1950’s – plastic form that you molded copper foil around. One of those things I wish I hadn’t lost track of… I love how alcohol inks can be used on metals and that brushed blue was fantastic! I guess I’ll have to dig out my roll of copper….

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