Tea for 23

At Festival on Wednesday I taught Tea & Ephemera, this is a fun class with momentary periods of creative frenzy.
Here everyone is printing thermo-fax images on their fabric.

This is followed by drawing on tea bags, collaging them along with a variety of other printed and textured papers onto fabric, painting and coloring the tea bags and other images, rubber stamping and using Shiva paintstix.
tea-2 tea-3tea-5tea-4 tea-6 tea-7 tea-8 tea-9 tea-10 tea-3-5tea-11tea-12

All in all it’s good fun mayhem, with beautiful results!

Preview night! On the show floor

Great running into Diane Doran (left) who was a ribbon winner and writes the excellent blog for Machine Quilting Unlimited and the oh so talented Susan Fletcher King on the right, who saved me from disaster when I realized I had mistakenly ordered the wrong gel medium for my class on Friday and came to meet me with a new jar from the local art store.

bethane-nemeshThe next thing I had to do was meet Bethane Graves Nemish, who was one of the big winners this year. Her quilting is fantastic, she stitches all kinds of images onto her amish inspired silk quilts. I really like Bethane because she an I are a few of the Amazons of the quilt world, we can stand side by side in a picture without stooping.

With Robbi and I, it’s another story, lolrobbi
This time I made her taller 🙂

jeanne-delpitI always seek out the beautiful Jeanne Delpit at the show. Jeanne is such a wonderful woman in all ways, and she’s also the queen of Bernina America or aka the director of national events.

iris-lisa-nyshaAnd last but not least my dear friend Iris. It was great seeing Lisa Chin and Nysha Nelson working with Iris in the Mistyfuse booth this year too!

Keep creating, Judy

IMG_5538Judy is an artist, explorer, image wrangler, knowledge seeker, instructor, speaker, creative alchemist, and purveyor of inspiration, helping others channel creativity on a daily basis.

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