The big reveal

I am finally at the point when I feel comfortable showing the latest quilt. I sort of feel some strange superstition that if I show too much too soon, it will be doomed to failure. I never really know if it will come out how I want it to, until the very end. Sorry, the photo below is a little blurry, I will replace it with a better one soon.

I really like the back of this quilt. It shows off all the floral quilted imagery stitched into all the white areas of the quilt, that are only visible on the front with closer inspection.

Now I am at the point of the dreaded handwork, sewing on the binding, the sleeve and the label.

I began this quilt while I was creating my Color Theory Class. I think I spent so much time working with color, which I love, it was sort of a relief to work with none. I loved working with this high contrast graphic black and white palette with just the little accent of red for the bird.

This is a whole cloth quilt painted with black and red textile paint on white fabric. It is free-motion quilted with black, white and red thread.

27 Responses to “The big reveal”

  1. Donna says:

    Absolutely exquisite Judy! I love it! D~~~~

  2. Lisa Walton says:

    Another of your masterpieces. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  3. paulahewitt says:

    This is wonderful. I like the back as much as the front. beautiful image and stitching

  4. KarenF says:

    WOW!!!!!! That is amazing!

  5. Kristin L says:

    Beautiful. It is so different from your usual colorful work, yet the imagery is definitely Judy! This one really needs to be hung or used so that viewers have the opportunity to see both sides — they complement each other so well that I have a hard time deciding which is “front” and which is “back.”

  6. SewAmy says:

    Oh Judy, I love it. I love birds.

  7. Vicki W says:

    Absolutely beautiful!

  8. OH MY… I see many, many MANY ribbons in this quilt’s future…. and (please don’t shoot me) but I think I like the back at least as much as the front…. I love color, but I also love LINE!

    Cheers, Sarah

  9. luanne says:

    Judy, you continue to amaze & inspire! This looks so beautiful online, I can only imagine the wonder of the stitched detail in person. And your brave (as in “unforgiving of errors”) color scheme. Wow!

    I’d predict you’ll open a whole new sphere of quilt thought/design with this beauty.

    Congrats & thanks for sharing.

  10. Oh you guys, I love ya, thanks for all the compliments.

  11. luanne says:

    P.S. Hmmm… now I’m curious to see how you’ll bind it… black, white or a combination? Fun possibilities to consider…

    We’ll be watching!

  12. Lavon says:


    I LOVE IT!


  13. Incredibly striking! You know how I feel about double-sided quilts! You’ll be stuck thinking about the back as much as the front from now on. Get ready for the awards.

  14. Carol Sloan says:

    wow…Judy, very well done. You are so talented. I love your art, your heart…it shows through in this incredible piece of work.

  15. AAAAA – Mazzzzeeee — Ing

  16. Karen says:

    Stellar! What size is this one?

  17. dee says:

    There just aren’t enough wonderful ways to describe how beautiful this looks. I can only echo what others have said. Amazing work but that’s no surprise.

  18. This one is a few inches under 5 feet by 6 feet.


  19. Jeannie says:

    Beautiful! I agree with Kristin – both sides are so wonderful. Which do you like best?

  20. HomespunMary says:

    Wow, it is just stunning! Fantastic work!

    I found your blog a few weeks back when I was googling for some cool trapunto quilts and saw your amazing “trapunto experiments” from last year. I’ve kept coming back ever since 🙂

  21. sion says:

    Wow. Stunning. Both sides.

  22. Jeannie, there are aspects of both sides that I like. I really like the hidden images in the white side with all the texture, but I also really like that bright white crisp line against the black. Then there was that time we saw the light shining through the quilt making bold gray and black shapes with bright white lines. If anything it brings up more ideas that I would like to explore along this theme.

  23. Oh, WOW! Breathtaking … can’t think of another word … just breathtaking.

  24. Pam Marwede says:

    This piece is stunning.I love checking out your blog to see what gorgeous things you have been working on. Your work is terrific.

  25. Thanks Pam, coming from a painting dynamo like yourself that means a lot. I just took a peak at your blog and website, holy cow you are prolific! Beautiful work.

  26. Stacy says:

    There just aren’t any word(s) left that haven’t all ready been used to describe this work. My jaw litterally dropped. Absolutely stunning. Your work has inspired me so many times & I never even knew it was you! Glad I found your site.

    I agree; simply stellar!

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