The Class is Full!

Wow what a great response! The class is now full. Thanks! These first brave souls are my guinea pigs.

I will run the class again after this session ends. If you would like me to put your name on a list to be notified the next time around, send me an email and put Next Color Theory Class in the subject line. You can get a link to my email here. I will announce it on the blog too next time around.

2 Responses to “The Class is Full!”

  1. Carol Sloan says:

    Thank you for emailing me Judy! I usually check my email, read blogs, catch up on computer work first thing in the morning…except the last 2 mornings!So, I would have completely missed the offering. Oh, would I have been so sad. Thanks ever so much!

  2. I am sad. I somehow missed this. But I will keep my eyes open for the next class….and buy supplies while I wait.

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