The flowers are starting to bloom

I have finished painting the greenery and am now painting the flowers. I am only using red, yellow, white and blue for the flowers since that is the limits of the flower colors in the hunting paintings. I have chosen to make the white flowers tinted a little pink just so they are not a stark white. So far I have worked through red and yellow, next I will start on blue.

After I finish the flowers I will start painting in the grass.

Ricë Freeman-Zachery featured Nina and another talented girl named Sarah, about the same age, on her blog over the weekend.

4 Responses to “The flowers are starting to bloom”

  1. Melissa P says:

    It just keeps getting better and better! Looking forward to more updates.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing the process. It is looking wonderful. A real treat.

  3. Flowers says:

    Just gone through painting they are wonderful. You are a blessed artist. All the texture and color combination looks perfect on your blog.

  4. Term papers says:

    What a beautiful little painting.The unexpected things that we meet each day provide a great source for picture-making. Better to live an unplanned life I think.

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