The Inspiring beauty of Colorado

tracy and me

After having such a great trip to Colorado; spending time with my old college room mate Tracy DuCharme, having two fun acrylic ink painting workshops and seeing so much natural beauty, I came back really wanting to paint. I decided to ignore the computer as much as possible for a solid week and a half and focus on producing work, so now I have a lot of catching up to do on the blog.

I’ll post about my recent work really soon, but first I want to share a few photos from my trip that filled me with the urge to create.

garden gods1
I spent my first 5 days near Colorado Springs with Tracy getting acclimated to the altitude, catching up on the last 10 years since we last saw each other and going on hikes to amazing spots like Garden of the Godsgarden gods3 garden gods4

and communing with her 6 llamas, while a snow capped Pikes Peak sits in the distanceIMG_1736
homer and emilio
I even have some soft lovely llama yarn to knit from these guys, they have alpaca grade wool 🙂


nancy tori and me by stream
While I was in Fort Collins, my wonderful hosts Nancy and Tory took me up to the Rocky Mountain National Park for a day between my two workshops.

At the park I saw majestic elk with velvet antlers, and big horn sheepvalley

We climbed to 10,000 feet while the clouds rolled past obscuring our view of the valley below, while adorable little chipmunks scampered up and over the walls looking for handouts chipmunk

pineconesI love these pink scaly budding pinecones
flowers lakeand breathtaking crystal clear lakes mirroring snow capped peaks, so much astounding beauty everywhere I looked.

I feel inspired by nature, but I often don’t want to literally reproduce the images, maybe it’s the shape or color of a plant or flower, the beauty of an animal or there’s something in the essence of a photo- the quality of light, the way the shadows fall on a hillside… and I can also be inspired by a palette of colors on a lichen covered rock.




A fun thing I wanted to do while I was there, was take a photo standing on the wall in a similar pose as my boyfriend Phil did about 25 years ago and send it to him.IMG_0503


Stanley hotelIt was pretty cool to see The Stanley Hotel, the inspiration for Steven King’s The Shining!

Nacy me and ToriWhat a blast!

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  1. M. R. Beat says:

    I have a special place in my heart and mind for CO; your pictures show the beauty and variety of life-styles. I really enjoyed looking at this entry. Thank you.

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