The Irrepressible Robbi

Bonnie has done another wonderful interview, this time with Robbi Joy Eklow. You can see Robbi’s engineer mind at work here as she shows how she squares up her huge quilts. Brilliant!

2 Responses to “The Irrepressible Robbi”

  1. susan says:

    pretty neat…i am up pretty late tonight or tomarrow how ever you want to look at it, it is 2:27a.m. and i was futzing around with a paper piecing pattern. anyway…i am planning on doing some gradation dyeing tomarrow or actually this morning…in a couple hours. i like adrianne buffingtons trick with plastic bags. i have a stash of the pleated bottom bags that stand up all by themselves. ziploc came out with them again and i bought as many as i could find cause they are gone again. i want to teach a couple gradation classes to my students who already took my tube dyeing class. i better hit the rack for an hour or two before i have to get up and start messin around with the dye….yipee….

  2. luanne says:

    judy, thanks for sharing this. i’ve always read robbi’s column in QA but wasn’t familiar with her work. ingenious idea on the squaring up method, but an even bigger wow for her quilt designs & colors. amazing!

    hope you have a nice 4th!

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