The road to Sydney and 2 classes at Kim Bradley’s Creations

After the retreat in Canberra, I went to Sydney. It was a beautiful 3 hour drive. Cecile and I stopped half way for lunch in the historic town of Berrima, where most of the buildings are built from sandstone.

Berrimaberrima Spring was in the air and the wisteria and fruit trees were filled with blossoms. We sat outside on this lovely veranda and the sounds from the cockatoos, and kookaburras in the nearby trees made feel like I was having lunch next to the zoo in Los Angeles, lol. It’ was so strange to think these are every day bird sounds here.

I spent a week in Sydney and taught two classes at long arm quilter Kim Bradley’s new shop. She has a fantastic space in a business park with a huge ground floor filled with gorgeous fabrics and a wonderful classroom upstairs for workshops. I had such a blast with Kim, she’s warm, generous, talented and has a great sense of humor. If you’re in the Sydney area you have to stop by and check out her beautiful shop.

kim bradley

My first class was on painting imagery with textile paints. It was a small 2 day class and we had a great time; Suzanne had taken two classes with me in Melbourne last April, Tamara’s a budding young artist on school break, Annette is a rep for art supplies and sells Derwent acrylic inks 🙂 to schools and businesses, and Jenny had taken a class with me in Houston a few years ago, so we made fast friends and they all did beautiful work.

painting class

Ai gum nut stampsThe next class I taught was acrylic inks and Jenny, Suzanne and Annette all stayed on for that class as well.


On the day between the two classes, Suzanne quilted and bound her painted flowers Ai suzanne Ai3 Ai4 Ai5

Ai day 2


Such a lovely leaf print on this piece of fabric.
I was inspired by the gum nuts (eucalyptus pods) for my acrylic inks piece.
Ai gum nut
On my next post I’ll show you what I did on my day off in Sydney.

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