Thinking blogger award

Wow, I have been nominated by Sandy from the blog Garden Path to be the recipient of the thinking blogger award. I am so honored. She has a beautiful blog, if you have never seen it you should visit. She is a nature lover from the state of Maine. She takes the most gorgeous photos and often writes haiku’s to go with them.

I am not going to go about this in the usual way and tag 5 other blogs, but I will highlight a few of the many blogs I like to visit. So many of the blogs I like are purely for the eye candy, I love lots of pictures, especially of cool stuff that people are making. Craftzine is a great way to see what a lot of different crafters are up to. I also like looking at blogs that are not textile related but feature different artists work, as well as art and design in other media. Like Rag & Bone, Print & Pattern, Decor8, there are so many good ones.

If I were to list some of the blogs that I like to follow that fall more in the category of “thinking” blogs they would be TedBlog, BoingBoing, Paleo-Future and Neatorama. Unfortunately I rarely have time to read everything on them that I would like.

And lastly like so many other lovers of fiber in all forms I always enjoy The Yarn Harlot .

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