I made this tote from some collaged and painted fabric that I made. It is the same technique I used for making the fabric for the houses. There will be an article on making this fabric in the April/May Cloth Paper Scissors.

5 Responses to “Tote”

  1. I really like the shiny-ness. I think I will put the magazine on my list. After all the excitement of knowing I would get to see you on tv….I missed the 2nd episode of Quilting Arts. I was soooooo bummed!

  2. Judy Wise says:

    wow wow wow. Can’t wait for the article. Love the fabric, the bag, the whole enchilada!

  3. Mimi Jackson says:

    Beautiful work – absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Karen says:

    I am so bummed that Chicago isnt showing Quilting Arts TV. You’d think that a city that hosts the big quilt shows would know how popular this would be! The bag is wonderful. I look forward to the article in the mag.

  5. Chicago will show Quilting Arts when the season of America Quilts Creatively ends. I am guessing it will be March. Quilting Arts is only showing in a few places so far.

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