Tsukineko Ink Workshop

This weekend I taught a class on Tsukineko Inks for a group of textile artists in the suburbs of Chicago. We had the use of a wonderful classroom in the fashion department at the College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, IL.

These inks take a little getting used to, before long everyone seemed to get the hang of them. I love seeing the way everyone handles them a little differently, a great range of effects.

There’s the peanut gallery waving in the back,

3 Responses to “Tsukineko Ink Workshop”

  1. So how do you get your friends to attend? Bribe them with food and wine after? LOL I like all the windows in the class, every ohter classroom I have seen has had covering of some sort over them, but then, most of them are elementry schools…

    I have some of those inks. I think the other paints are easier too.

  2. Actually Laura and Frieda signed up on their own. Initially I wasn’t sure if that was going to be a good thing, LOL

  3. Cindra says:

    Great peanut gallery! Just missing Ms. Mel.

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