Tsukineko Inks at Road

DSCN3330This is Gina, who was our one woman entertainment committee in the Tsukineko inks class, she has a fantastic sense of humor and kept us laughing all day, and she’s not only funny, she’s very talented too with a winning quilt in the show.



In this class we always start the day by using a dry brush method; dipping the fantastix tool in the ink and working on white fabric through a series of exercises and then in the afternoon we progress to a completely different method working on one large image, using paint brushes and aloe vera gel on lightly colored hand dyed fabrics. The photos below are all from the afternoon session.

DSCN3335 DSCN3337DSCN3332DSCN3338DSCN3334DSCN3341DSCN3331




Here’s the car of a very enthusiastic quilter who was visiting the show.


While in Southern California, I also had a wonderful reunion with my good friend Michele Pusateri, (that was not her car) who I was programs co-chair with at the Glendale Quilt guild 8 years ago before I moved to Chicago. We had so much to catch up on, both of us have had some big challenges to deal with over the last 4 years and it was fantastic to see her looking so good despite it all. Us women are strong!

6 Responses to “Tsukineko Inks at Road”

  1. Naghma says:

    Judy, what amazing creativity in these works! Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. I love how the inks look on the fabrics, I really need to try that.
    What is the purpose of the aloe gel?


  3. Debbie Gaetz says:

    thanks for sharing today; I love Gina’s art, and I love that car! can’t wait to try what you’ve described

  4. PB says:


    How wonderful! I have got to figure out a way to get a class with you – and soon. Have you done any or thought about doing videos? What about online classes? Not the same of course as in person but better than none at all.


    • Well, You could look at my schedule, or put in a request with a local guild to see if they’ll book me. In the men time I have a dvd with Interweave called Design, Paint, Stitch: Making a painted whole cloth art quilt from start to finish. I have an online color theory class that I have temporarily stopped because I need to build a new website for it and havent had the time to do it. I do hope to offer more online classes in the future.

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