Ty’s Origami

My 12 year old son loves to do origami. He has been doing it since he was 4, I want him to make a blog so he can show all of the things he makes, but so far I can’t convince him. So I thought I would showcase some of his work on my blog instead.
Notice the penny next to the gold lizard to get a sense of scale.

12 Responses to “Ty’s Origami”

  1. Oh wow, he is so clever! I can’t even do simple origami, my brain isn’t wired that way.

  2. Balwearie says:

    WOW! That’s one talented boy you’ve got there! I really like the octopus. The way you’ve laid everything out there makes it look like one of your quilts!

  3. Deb R says:

    Those are awesome! I’m impressed.

  4. rupr says:

    Three times wow. One from me, two from my teensons, they just wait when I leave computer free for them.
    Your son definitely ought to show his origami to the world. If he doesn´t care about blog, what about gallery on flickr.com?

  5. Becky says:

    Love them! He really should have a blog 🙂

  6. Sophie says:

    WOW!!! These are fantastic!!

  7. rui pedro says:

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. Joanne S says:

    Fantastic! This would make a wonderful exhibit at your nearby library. I know I would display it at mine!!

  9. Terry says:

    These are fabulous! Does he design them or follow traditional directions? (Wow, that sounds like a quilt question) Anyway, I love the sense of sublety and naturalism in them–the little curve in the gold lizard’s tail, for example.

  10. Frieda says:

    He should sell them. I will buy the fox and the two dogs.

  11. mary m. says:

    You must be so proud of him! What a gifted young man…

  12. Cindra says:

    It looks like everyone in your family has artistic and creative talent. I can’t wait to see the clothes your daughter creates for her new “doll.”

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