Vintage Thistles

On the left is my original uncropped photo. Once again I played with layers. I had my original as the bottom layer and placed a duplicate image on top. I desaturated the top image (turned it black and white) and then colorized it green. Using the eraser tool I erased the thistle flower from the top layer exposing the purple flowers from the layer below. Then I added another image of a vintage photo lens that I tinted sepia and multiplied the layers.

7 Responses to “Vintage Thistles”

  1. luanne says:

    judy, this is fabulous! love the thistles, i’m always drawn to spiky flowerheads and seedpods.

    also, this vintage lens effect you & your daughter created is wonderful, the soft edges and scratchy sepia quality.

    do you use full-scale Photoshop? i only have an older Elements program, but haven’t even mastered all it has to offer.

    altogether a very striking image!

  2. thanks LuAnne, I love them too.

    I have photoshop 8.0 on my computer. My husband just bought the newest upgrade that has new bells and whistles to master. It’s not easy keeping up with technology. I am glad I have a little extra help here 🙂

  3. Ruth Rae says:

    what a stunning photo! I play with photoshop… but there is just so much time in the day! I really love the link to vidcast, I spent a little to much time over there!
    thanks for sharing!

  4. KarenF says:

    Love it!! The texture and composition are super. This is like what I did with “Guest In My Garden”…it is a Monarch catepillar (left in color) on the milkweed (changed to B/W) in my side garden. Direct printed onto fabric, pieced border, then quilted.
    Your thistles would be great this way too!!

  5. i will have to try these techniques. i’ve been playing/learning to use photoshop elements. i just love working with both digital and hands on paints, inks & stamps. isn’t it fun?

  6. we are so lucky to have all the tools that we do now. Can you imagine trying to do something like this with out a computer and photoshop?

  7. Jane Swanson says:

    SO beautiful. Thank you for walking us through your procedure. I’d love to be able to do some of this. I have Elements 2.0 so I need to do a bit of upgrading!

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