Visiting the home of my ancestors and boyfriend

walk with philAfter my flight from Dallas to Austin, I got back on a normal size plane, flew to New England and met up with my boyfriend from California to spend two days in his home town of Stonington, Connecticut.

Stonington is the town Phil lived in when he was a boy, his older brother lives there now and it just so happens to be the town that a number of my ancestors moved to and actually helped found in the 1600’s. So this trip was interesting and fun for several reasons.


We took  a brisk and chilly walk around town past many beautiful colonial and federalist houses

stonington colonials

houses on park
This little gray house was Phil’s home until he was 4. The house still had damage from being hit with canon balls from British ships in the war of 1812.
cobb housecobb house 2
We admired lovely coastal views
stonington dog park


and of course I had to go to one or two grave yards while we were there.
grave yardThis is one of the oldest in Stonington, where the founding fathers were buried. My ancestor Freelove Frink, married to Hezekiah Coates, was a descendant of Thomas Minor and Grace Palmer.minor monument
thm minerOn my next trip I’ll have to look for some of the graveyards with Coates’s buried in them. With over 90 cemeteries in the area, it might be easier said than done.graves

I always enjoy looking at the grave stones no matter who is buried with them though.

And I love looking at the lichen that covers the graves and the stone walls that crisscross the land. stone wall

Lichen inspired me to make this quilt and gravestones for this one.lichen

I’ve always enjoyed walking through the coastal marshes of New England, with their quiet beauty.marsh path

marsh walk


phil and meIt was so fun exploring this part of New England with Phil, hearing his memories, meeting his family, and making new memories of our own.

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