Welcome to my new and improved blog!

I’m so excited to share my new blog with you. Please spend some time exploring, there’s lots of places to go.

Right above this post you’ll see a series of tutorials on a slider bar, so scroll all the way across to see them all.

You’ll find the 3 most recent blog posts listed on the right and 5 categories of older blog posts below.

There are links to galleries of my artwork, teaching schedule and bio at the top of the page above the header.

I’m still learning the new format of WordPress blogging and what options I have for additional features. Unfortunately for the time being I dont have a post subscription option, hopefully I’ll figure out how I can add that down the road.

If you think the type is small, you can adjust that on your browser, here’s a list of how you can do it on a variety of browsers.

In the mean time, I recommend you check out this tutorial for making felted pumpkins for a little autumn craftiness fun!


27 Responses to “Welcome to my new and improved blog!”

  1. Nancy Ward says:

    Beautiful site, Judy. But that’s hardly a surprise!

  2. Kit Lang says:

    I’ve subscribed in my reader. Love your new blog look!

  3. Such a beautiful site! Love, love your work!

  4. Melly says:

    Your site looks great, Judy!

  5. Ann says:

    Judy, the new blog looks great! The mom in me wants to tell you not to work so hard as you strive for perfection, but the artist/crafter in me appreciates the always gorgeous, breath-taking result. You are the best!

  6. I really like the look of your new blog. Nice and clean, easy to read and beautiful visuals.
    I enjoy having the blog so I can see things at a glance.


  7. Caroline says:

    Love the new look, and I have found a few things I had missed, so its definitely a good move! Looking forward to more gorgeous eye candy and interesting reads in this new format! Its going to be a success!

  8. Robbie Payne says:

    The ‘new’ bog is great! Hope we ‘followers’ will still get notifications!!! I didn’t see a place to sign up again as a follower?

    • judycoatesperez says:

      Thanks Robbie, unfortunately ‘followers’ is a thing that blogger did and I just read that Google is retiring ‘Friends connect’ in March. I’m going to work on figuring out a way for people to subscribe to posts. With Houston coming up and my move across country (road trip) it may take me a few weeks.

    • Robbie you can now subscribe. There’s a new link in the side bar if you click on the blog post.

  9. looks great, will it still automatically come to my email when you write something.. ?

    • judycoatesperez says:

      Hi Vivian Helena, I am working at finding out how to set up a subscriber option on the blog. I think I’ve input the code but I havent seen it show up on the page yet. When I get it set up you will probably need to sign up for it again though.

    • Vivian Helena, you can now subscribe to my blog. There’s a link in the side bar if you click on the blog post.

  10. margherita says:

    love the new look .. well worth the 12 hour days and hope you have your feet up and a nice wine for at least a bit of time to yourself.

    • Thanks Margherita, only a little time to put the feet up. Time to pack for Houston (leaving Monday am) get the car tuned up for a road trip across country, my buyers should be able to close next week and I move as soon as I get back from a week of teaching in Houston. Makes me tired just thinking about it, lol. Looking forward to meeting you down under!

      • margherita says:

        I know we’re getting excited too. We are felting on Sat at our meeting (going to Matamata, where you’ll stay with Caroline) so we’ll be discussing finer points of your visit. I’ll pass this new blog on to them all, but they have probably already joined on their own. bye for now PS not sure if it was my computer or a starting glitch but i couldn’t reply to the blog in the email about your reply — maybe a broken link? or just my computer, it does seem to have a very stubborn mind of it’s own 🙂

  11. Keet says:

    A beautiful change!

  12. Bee says:

    I love it! Your new site is beautiful!

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