Whahoo PIQF!

Arbol de Vida won 3rd place Innovative,
and Moon Garden won an Honorable Mention
at Pacific International Quilt Festival, happening this weekend in California.

20 Responses to “Whahoo PIQF!”

  1. Erilyn says:

    Woohoo! Congratulations and well done! They are both so gorgeous, but my favourite is Moon Garden – there’s just something about the starkness of black/white and countered by the swirly shapes. Good on you girl!

  2. Kristin L says:

    Congratulations! They are both beautiful quilts (but you knew that!).

  3. Congratulations Judy–these are both spectacular. I also love the black and white, with just the perfect spot of red–fantastic! And I’d forgotten that the quilt show is this wknd., so thanks for the reminder. I’ll go tomorrow–lucky me to be able to see these in person!

  4. luanne says:

    congratulations judy! awards well deserved. i clicked on Arbol to see the details closer, and hadn’t realized you’d painted the animals Oaxacan (sp?) style. especially love that!

  5. Good goin’ girl! They are hanging back to back at PIQF. So all you have to do is turn a corner and see the next one. It was great to see your newest, Moon Garden. Nice work!

  6. Tami says:

    Congratulations! I just saw them yesterday at the show. Sometimes pictures don’t do them justice because they’re much more amazing looking in real life. 🙂

  7. Thanks everyone,

    I think it is nice that both quilts get to hang together in the same show since they are so similar yet so opposite.

    If anyone reads this and is going to the show, be sure and see if you can get someone to show you the back of the black and white quilt, so you can see all the white thread quilting on a black background.

  8. Carol Sloan says:

    wohoo! Ye-haw and all the other Southern battle yells! Good for you Judy! I am so pleased for you. Awesome, amazing work!

  9. susan says:

    yea….i just love your stuff! i really liked the agave piece you did that was in qa mag…awesome.

  10. Congratulations. You are awesome and so is your work

  11. Martha says:

    Congratulations Judy, they are both beautiful but Moon Garden is my favorite. About the back of Moon Garden, I saw the photos and the back is as georgeous as the front. We just had the Austin AQG show and when a quilt has a beautiful backing we hang it so people can see both sides. Could they have done that at this show where you had your quilts?.
    I’m looking forward to making a felted ornament. Have a safe trip to Houston.
    I can’t wait to come to your booth in Houston and meet you in person.

  12. Big congratulations, well deserved………..

  13. Hi Judy! I was completely blown away by your workmanship and the unique subjects! Wow (I think I stood there saying that aloud!) when I saw the hand painted beauties! How in the world do you do it? They are just amazing. Congratulations and I so appreciated getting to see them in person. p.s. I truly love those strawberries in QA Christmas…perfectly done! Pam in Chico

  14. Lavon says:


    They are wonderful! I really appreciated the moon garden. Love the red bird!

    I can only guest what it must have been like to see all the beautiful quilts and then win!

    Much deserved Kudos to you!

  15. Karoda says:

    Super fantastic Judy! I wish I could see them in person…are you submitting them to AQS in Paducah?

  16. not sure Karoda, I often forget to enter shows when I am busy and invariably miss deadlines. I am pretty good at remembering to check the deadlines on Houston and PIQF since I have entered those two many times.

  17. kathy york says:

    I can’t wait to see moon garden in person. The designs are scrumptious!

    Congrats again on your wins!!

  18. Laura says:

    Congratulations and what a beautiful quilt!

  19. Oh Judy this is stunning. Congratulations – it truly is a winner.
    PS Do I see a little Jane Sassaman inspiration in this???

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