What’s coming up for 2017

I’m off to teach at Craft Napa today, but I wanted you to know about a couple special workshop opportunities I have on the calendar this year.

Sacramento, California

Meissner’s Sewing, in Sacramento and I have just set dates for a trunk show on March 3rd at 10 am with my lecture:

It’s All in the Process, Making an award winning quilt and everything that can go wrong along the way.

In this lecture I talk about all the problems I ran into when making many of my big show quilts and how I resolved them. For example; finding out that when you put transparent base textile paint (which is what I use most often to paint imagery on fabric) on a medium dark color like blue (Primordial Sea), the paint color turns black! It’s filled with advice on techniques, products, tips and what I’ve learned in over 25 years of making art quilts.

April 21-23  Meissner’s Sewing, Sacramento, CA
Paint & Print-a-Palooza – 3 day workshop

Make your own personal fabric line! Learn several techniques for creating colorful textured fabrics using acrylics inks, then apply patterns using thermo-fax screens and a variety of different stamping techniques. Using our beautiful new fabrics we’ll piece a modern quilt top.


San Luis Obispo, California

I’m thrilled to be going back to teach 2 workshops at SLO creative Studio.
May 5th Blessings in the Wind: Mixed-Media Prayer Flags

Traditionally, prayer flags are used to promote peace, strength, well-being and wisdom, and when blown by the wind, spread good will and compassion.

Students will begin by making colorful fabrics by applying different painting techniques with acrylic inks. Then add personalized imagery to their fabric; printing with thermo-fax screens, stamps and incorporating words and images. Lastly the flags will be strung together on a ribbon for hanging.

May 6-7 Paint & Print-A-Palooza – 2 day workshop (same description as previous)





Christchurch, New Zealand

October 5-10  NZ National Quilt Symposium, Christchurch, NZ

I’m so excited to be teaching 4 classes at symposium.
Painting Imagery on Fabric with Textile Paints – 2 day workshop

While working with textile paints, students learn to control paint bleeding, paint backgrounds and fill large areas evenly, avoiding blotchiness, learn techniques for creating gradations of color, glazing paint to create more visual depth, and how to work with freezer paper masks, as well as paint fine lines and details.

This is an information packed class geared to help students gain confidence painting on fabric.

Tea & Ephemera

This class is an action packed introduction to mixed-media techniques on fabric, everything you always wanted to know but were afraid to try on your own.

Spend a day; using textile paint, printed paper vintage imagery, thermo-fax screens, colored pencils, rubber stamps, paint sticks, tea bags and more, learn multiple mixed media techniques while creating a fabric collage to take home and stitch.

Paint & Print-A-Palooza – 1 day

Learn several techniques for creating colorful textured fabrics using acrylics inks, apply patterns using thermo-fax screens and a variety of different stamping techniques.


Blessings in the Wind: Mixed-Media Prayer Flags (same description as above)


After I finish teaching at symposium, Phil and I will be spending some time exploring beautiful New Zealand and then hop over to Australia with plans to visit friends in Melbourne and Adelaide. I would love to give a few lectures  along the way to any groups that may interested while I’m there. Please contact me if you are interested or know of a group I should contact.

Keep creating, Judy

IMG_5538Judy is an artist, explorer, image wrangler, knowledge seeker, instructor, speaker, creative alchemist, and purveyor of inspiration, helping others channel creativity on a daily basis.

8 Responses to “What’s coming up for 2017”

  1. Cathy Lord says:

    I would have loved to come to one of your San Luis Obispo workshops, but unfortunately I will be out of town the entire time you will be here. I certainly loved your class last year. Maybe in 2018?

  2. Margaret says:

    So pleased you are coming to NZ. I have already requested an enrollment in 2 of your classes. I missed out on the Taupo Symposium so very much looking forward this Christchurch

  3. GeminiJen NZ says:

    Love the work you create and am hoping I will be selected for the workshop I’ve requested at the NZ Symposium, really looking forward to learning a new technique or three!!

    • JudyCoatesPerez says:

      Hi Gemini Jen,

      since I’m teaching 4 classes I’m sure you’ll get into at least one class, maybe several. Looking forward to seeing you there! 🙂

  4. Love the work! the mixed media player flags are beautiful.

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