Women Packing Irons Reception

Here’s Anne, Frieda and I before the reception started. Ann and Laura were off teaching and Emily had not yet arrived. There was a very good turn out and I was too busy chatting to remember to take other photos. The Quilt National Exhibit is really good, one of the best collections of work I have seen in several years. If you are in Illinois, I would highly recommend getting over to Bloomingdale to see the show.

6 Responses to “Women Packing Irons Reception”

  1. Carol Sloan says:

    I wish I lived closer…I’d go for sure! I looked around at some of my work the other day and realized most of it had fusible applique in/on it!

  2. Mai-Britt says:

    Wish I could be there………

    Will we ever see your great work at the Festival of Quilts? (Birmingham, England, August for those who wants to know). The biggest European event of the year!

    Perhaps next year?

  3. I find your site, and your articles such an inspiration the I have nominated you for the Brillianting Weblog Award Premio – 2008. Don’t feel obligated to do anything, I just wanted to say “Thanks”

  4. Thanks Meg, I am honored!

  5. Hi Mai-britt,
    I am so bad about entering shows, I only enter a few here in the states. One of these days I will figure out entering a foreign show, lol. Maybe next year 😉

    My friends Frieda and Laura will have a booth (Artfabrik) at the Birmingham show selling their gorgeous hand dyed fabrics and threads this year. You should stop by their booth and say hi.

  6. Mai-Britt says:

    Thanks Judy, I will make a point at looking in at Artfabrik – I sometimes look at Frieda’s blog as well. I just love hand dyed fabrics, not that I need any more………… ;O)

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