Acrylic Ink Adventure Camp in La Grange, Texas

Texas starJust in case you had any thoughts that us traveling teachers live a carefree  jet setting life, I can quickly dispel any of those ideas. 🙂

I woke up at 3:15 Friday morning to make an early flight to Houston. Since it was so early and I was hightailing it to the airport, I figured I’d grab something to eat at the airport, but the line was so long to check my bags I barely made it to the gate in time to board the plane. When I arrived in Houston at 2 in the afternoon my wonderful retreat host Kim DeCoste, met me in baggage and having seen my facebook posts from the morning, had a Chicken sandwich waiting for me in the car, yay food!

Then Kim drove us 100 miles to the Great Expectations Creativity Center in La Grange, TX.

quilt camp
What a fantastic facility with a large workroom, adjoining dormitory that sleeps 10, a beautiful two bedroom guest house, and artist in residence quarters on 69 acres.

ranch bldg

After unloading the car, setting up the workroom and eating dinner we started class at 6:30 (13 hours after I woke up). The room was large and easily accommodated all 25 students with plenty of tables, comfy chairs, counter space, cutting and ironing tables and a large designated sink for rinsing paint and dyes.

class at work

We spent 3 hours creating mottled and textured fabrics with various techniques that would become the foundation fabric for Saturday.

At 9:30 when I was out collecting fabric I came across this cute little guy.

And at 11:00 pm (18 hours after I woke up) I went to bed.

Saturday morning we started the day exploring printmaking with a variety of hand carved stamps, foam stamps and beautiful wood blocks from Colouricious.
colouriscious blocks
I love incorporating stamp designs into the translucent layers when painting with acrylic inks.
wood blocks

students at work
block printing 2
block printing 1 stamping
Then we worked with freezer paper and several other masking materials, creating simple resists with colored pencils and china markers, using acrylic paint markers, and drawing fine lines with quill and ruling pens.
freezer paper mask

students at work 8Here’s what my table looked like through the weekend.
my desk
After lunch we took a field trip into town to visit the Texas Quilt Museum. It’s in a lovely 2 story brick building from 1890.
Texas Quilt Museum Next to the Quilt Museum is a gorgeous shop called The Quilted Skein. quilted skein 1It’s part quilt and yarn shop with hands down the most beautiful selection of fabrics and yarn I’ve ever seen in one place. quilted skein 2

In the afternoon we painted with acrylic inks in a more illustrative way.
illustrative painting1

illustrative painting2

illustrative painting3

illustrative painting4

illustrative painting5
At the end of the day we had our first show and tell. Each student chose two pieces from the fabrics they had made up to that point to put up on the design wall.1st rnd showntell1

1st rnd showntell1.5

1st rnd showntell2

1st rnd showntell2.5

1st rnd showntell3

1st rnd showntell3.5

1st rnd showntell5

The day ended with a wonderful dinner of Texas BBQ brisket eaten out on the porch, hanging out in rocking chairs, watching the sunset, chatting well into the evening. It’s such a treat to have several days to get to know each other better, share our stories about our journeys, blessings, losses, and accomplishments.

camp fun

There was no shortage of laughter.

On Sunday everyone worked on one piece of fabric incorporating all the techniques they learned from Friday and Saturday.
students at work 1

students at work 2

students at work 3

students at work 4

students at work 5

students at work 6

students at work 7

Before lunch everyone put work up on the board for the final show and tell. I am amazed by all the fabulous work everyone created.
2nd showntell 12nd showntell 2

2nd showntell 32nd showntell 42nd showntell 52nd showntell 62nd showntell 7

2nd showntell 8

2nd showntell 9judy coates perez inks
What a fantastic retreat! I want to thank all my wonderful students for choosing to spend their weekend with me, and the staff of Quilts Inc. for inviting me to teach at this incredible location. What a blast!group

13 Responses to “Acrylic Ink Adventure Camp in La Grange, Texas”

  1. Martha says:

    Great post Judy! I’m sure your students left the class very inspired.

  2. jennyklyon says:

    Wow Judy-22 students! What fun your class looks like-I’m jealous.

  3. Peggy says:

    Those are some very talented chicas! Good teacher too!

  4. What amazing artwork – enough colour to drown in! And that yarn shop makes my heart skip a beat! 🙂

  5. Karen Downing says:

    Judy, I have been working on my pieces from this workshop, and still having fun with it! Thanks again for a great time! I’m sure none of us realized what you went through to get there–you were so energetic and enthusiastic! I hope I get the chance to take another class with you in the future!

    • Karen, I’m so glad you have been inspired to keep working on your pieces and enjoying the process, that’s what it’s all about. When it comes to teaching, I love introducing new ideas and techniques and seeing peoples eyes light up, it fuels my energy, I’m on overdrive the whole time and then I collapse when I get home, lol. I would love to see you again in one of my classes, just to let you know, I’m teaching all week in Houston Mon Oct 28-Sat Nov 2 with a very informative process lecture on thursday afternoon.

  6. Jan Givens says:

    Judy, this was my first retreat – WONDERFUL! You’re a great teacher, and fun — didn’t realize you were running on fumes Friday. I enjoy mixed media and am incorporating your techniques – love the Abaca tissue images. I ordered Abaca paper from Meinke Toy, but it’s quite a bit heavier than what you had. Who is your supplier? Thanks for a really great experience.

    • Hi Jan,

      Thanks so much, I really enjoy teaching and I think it recharges my batteries 🙂

      I was just on Meinketoy’s site the other day and noticed that they’ve dropped the lighter weight. I have just placed a large order from a supplier in England, I can send you a package after I get it. I will also be bringing the plain and printed sheets with me when I teach at IQF in Houston.

      • Jan Givens says:

        Thanks for the reply – I would LOVE to receive a pkg or two from you as I won’t make Houston this year. Let me know how we can make the transaction.

  7. Judy, it looks like everyone had a great experience. I am so interested in learning how to use acrylic inks! I need to take a workshop from you someday soon!! I love the layered effects you achieve.
    xoxo L

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