Beautiful Australia

Cecile Whatman from Unique Stitching picked me up at the Sydney airport early Wednesday morning on Sept 18, (I left monday night). Bondi Beach What a beautiful sight to behold after sitting on a plane for 12 hours. This is Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia. This first thing I had to do was go wiggle my toes in the sand and step into that gorgeous blue green water. Bondi Beach Look, more fun Aussie graffiti Bondi Beach graffiti grafiti2 Cecile brought me over to do a retreat with her and Sue Dennis and then do two conventions on this action packed 5 week trip. Up until recently I haven’t had enough internet access to write a blog post about the trip so far. Sometimes I had wifi but the signal was too slow to upload photos other times I had such limited data I used up my limit just checking email, so I’ll try and post more when I can.

My first meal in Australia, yum!sydney breakyPoached eggs, smoked salmon and a flat white (coffee)

Everyone talks about all the dangerous things in Australia; crocodiles, spiders, jellyfish, sharks, snakes… but really it’s none of those things, it’s the food, it’s too good! I have eaten way to many incredible meals here and the coffee is the best, in the states I put cream and sugar in my coffee to cut down on the acidity, in Australia no sugar just milk! After breakfast, we drove to Canberra, the capital of Australia, where Cecile lives and the location of the retreat. It’s a 3 hour drive through lovely rolling hills and over a mountain range where we went through a series of small historic towns that were established in the 1800’s as the first pioneers made their way inland to look for better land for growing crops. We stopped in the town of Goulburn to have coffee and a hand pie. The weather was a bit cool since the altitude is higher than Sydney and early spring, it felt very chilly to me coming from summer in Sacramento where it is routinely mid 90’s. Goulburn Goulburn2 Goulburn3 One of the things Goulburn is known for is wool production, hence the big sheep, with a wool shop inside. I was hoping it would have a nice selection of yarn, but it was mostly wool clothing. big sheep As we neared Canberra we went past Lake George which used to be filled with water, but is now mostly pasture for cows and sheep with muddy pools of water here and there (global warming maybe?). lake george Many more Aussie posts to come, but it may take me a while to catch up on posting due to time restraints and wifi access.

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