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A blast of creativity and fun in my workshops with Unique Stitching

The last 3 weeks have been a whirlwind. I taught 2 classes with Unique Stitching, 3 classes at the Creative textiles show in Canberra, flew home from Australia on May 5th then drove to Fresno on May 8th, where I gave a lecture and taught a painting class. I’m just now catching my breath and able to […]

Colorful Australia

I flew out of San Francisco last Tuesday night and landed in Sydney at 6:30 Thursday morning. It’s always strange to lose a whole day when traveling, I’m usually confused about what day it is for almost a week. Cecile Whatman, of Unique Stitching, picked me up at the airport and we scooted off to […]

My bags are packed and I’m almost ready to go…

I’m off to Australia for two weeks to teach 2 painting classes with Cecile Whatman of Unique Stitching and teach 3 workshops and demo techniques at The Creative Textile Show  2-4 May in Canberra. With Cecile, I’ll be teaching one of my favorite two day classes 10 Techniques with Acrylic Inks, 26-27 April. These are a few finished pieces I made from […]

You never know the potential of something you thought was going nowhere…

When teaching classes, I make a lot of samples, some go well, some not so good. While in Brisbane, I made several samples for creating textured backgrounds. These all went outside to dry on plastic through out the day. Later in the afternoon, someone brought in one of my painted pieces that I had forgotten […]

Inspired by Seed Pods, Gum Leaves and Banksia

This is another sample from one of my acrylic ink workshops in Australia. The pods, leaves and flowers were stamped on top of a colorful textured background, reminiscent of dappled light and leafy trees, using hand carved rubber stamps. I carved the leaf stamp on both sides, so I could get the leaves to hang […]

Inspired by Gum Leaves

While teaching in Australia I had several opportunities  to teach classes and give demos using acrylic inks that resulted in a series painted fabrics that were inspired by the leaves, flowers and pods I saw.   Gum Leaves finished size 11 1/2″ x 13 1/2″   Gum nuts, leaves and pods finished size 8″ x […]

Highlights of the Brisbane Quilt and Craft Fair

What a great show! It was really wonderful to be at the Brisbane Quilt and Craft Fair the week following teaching in the Sunshine Coast and the 2 day workshop for the Queensland Quilters, because it felt like a steady stream of friends kept stopping by to say hi. Sue Duffy and Brenda Wood were […]

Brisbane Craft and Quilt Fair

I ended my five week trip to Australia by teaching pop up classes in the Unique Stitching booth and demoing various techniques as a guest artist at the Brisbane Craft and Quilt Fair.  my exhibit and work space as guest artist   This is fellow guest artist Loani Prior, the queen of exotic knitted tea cozies. Her booth was […]

Beautiful Brisbane and its many bridges

On my day off in Brisbane my wonderful host, Janet, from the Queensland Quilt Guild took me out for a day in the city. We took the train downtown, stopped to get a much needed massage, then had lunch at a lovely tea shop where I stocked up on a few wonderful teas. Then we […]

A trip to the Gold Coast

  Cecile and I took a day trip south of Brisbane to visit the beautiful beaches of the Gold Coast A common beach side plant known as Pigs Eye in Australia and Ice Plant in California. Next we drove up to Tamborine mountain and stopped for a delicious lunch at the MT Brewery    Then we […]

Mountains and beaches on the Sunshine Coast

After leaving Peachester, Cecile and I drove through several small towns nestled up in the hills of the sunshine coast, stopping for a fantastic lunch, I had a delicious arugula (rocket) and lettuce salad with artisan blue cheese, walnuts and figs with a balsamic dressing. YUM! The rolling green hills we drove through were lovely, […]

Floral Inspiration in Glass House Country

Peachester is located near the Glass Mountains, you can see them in the distance of this photo. The country side has lovely green rolling hills dotted with cows.  x Alwin was my host for my overnight stay in the Peachester area. Alwyn and her husband have a beautiful 2 acre property with gorgeous flower and […]

Teaching Tsukineko inks in Peachester, Australia

This is the very talented and lovely Bernadine Hine, a well known Aussie art quilter and she is the one I have to thank for the opportunity to teach in the town of Peachester (population 452) up in the mountains an hours drive north of Brisbane. This 125 year old town hall was the location of […]

On to Brisbane to Meet the Queensland Quilters

My first day in Brisbane began with a visit to the Queensland Quilt Guild to give two lectures. What made the day even more fun was to have my good friend Sue Dennis show up at the meeting and offer to take me out to see the sights between lectures.   Sue took me to Mt Coot, the […]

Charters Towers final resting spots

If you’ve followed my blog for a while you know I really like visiting graveyards, like these ones in Vermont and Maine as well as this quilt. Charters Towers has two historic cemeteries. Sadly many of the graves are in very bad shape and there are piles of broken decorative rusty fence parts just laying around. […]

Road trip to historic gold mining town Charters Towers

Before leaving Townsville, Cecile and I drove 85 miles inland to Charters Towers, past croc infested waters on long stretches of road littered with a significant amount of kangaroo and wallaby road kill (which I didn’t photograph) past fields and cow pastures strewn with large termite mounds before we arrived at the 140 year old […]

STATE of the ART quilt 13

I was so lucky to have a great view of this exhibit from my booth at the Townsville Stitches and Craft Show and then to meet several of the artists while on my trip in Brisbane. It was really a fantastic exhibit, here are a few of the wonderful quilts that were on view. x […]

Townsville Stitches and Craft Show

Cecile and I drove 215 miles from Cairns to Townsville to set up for the Stitches and Craft show. There were signs for Emu’s and Koala’s every now and then. Much of the drive looked like this with small towns every so often and a lot of land in between. Australia also has a thing for […]

Our trip to Kuranda village

On our second day in Cairns, Cecile and I took the skyrail up the mountain over the rainforest to the village of Kuranda. The skyrail makes several stops on the way for short walks through the rainforest where I saw magnificent trees with roots growing above ground with multicolored bark and stunning vistas. A bird […]

50 Shades of Blue & Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef

  I have to say this had to be one of those peak moments in life where I felt like I needed to pinch myself to be sure I was wasn’t dreaming.           Cecile and I boarded this boat with about 200 tourists, the majority from China, for a two hour […]

Our two day holiday in Cairns

After my classes in Sydney were over, Cecile and I boarded a plane to Cairns for two days of R and R before driving to Townsville to set up for the Stitches and Craft Show. Cairns, as you can see on the map, is on the northeast coast of Australia and was one of the […]

Fantastic 3 day Unique Stitching retreat in Canberra

3 tired but happy teachers: Sue Dennis, Cecile Whatman and Me What a great retreat Cecile organized, and on very short notice too, I think she pulled off organizing and booking it in 3 months and it was a huge success! I was still transitioning to a time zone 7 hours different from my own […]

Beautiful Australia

Cecile Whatman from Unique Stitching picked me up at the Sydney airport early Wednesday morning on Sept 18, (I left monday night). What a beautiful sight to behold after sitting on a plane for 12 hours. This is Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia. This first thing I had to do was go wiggle my toes […]

Hey Aussies, I’ll be coming to a city near you soon!

I want to tell you about a big trip that’s in the works down under, and I’ll be leaving in just a few weeks. This has all come together in a very short amount of time, organized by my friend Cecile of Unique Stitching. Cecile hosted my trip to Melbourne to teach at the Australasian […]