Beautiful Brisbane and its many bridges

BrisbaneOn my day off in Brisbane my wonderful host, Janet, from the Queensland Quilt Guild took me out for a day in the city. We took the train downtown, stopped to get a much needed massage, then had lunch at a lovely tea shop where I stocked up on a few wonderful teas.

Then we walked through the central business district to the river to take a ride on the ferry. I love the contrast of classic and modern architecture.

P1020476 P1020548 copy


The weather was perfect and the views of the city from the ferry were spectacular.
But what I really loved were all the gorgeous bridges!P1020483

P1020522 P1020524 P1020525 P1020527 copy P1020529
Such a beautiful city!

4 Responses to “Beautiful Brisbane and its many bridges”

  1. Margaret Ford says:

    You have a wonderful eye Judy. As an Australian, I’m even getting a few surprises! I’m so glad you are enjoying your time in Australia. Let us know on if you are ever in Western Australia/Perth.

  2. Alison Cameron. says:

    As an Aussie is is lovely to see our country through the eyes of an overseas visitor. I have been in Brisbane lately and agree the bridges are very interesting and varied. Loved the photos of Charters Towers….I will visit one day. I hope I can do an ink class in Canberra this year. I bought inks about 8 years ago in the Uk but have used them rarely, so I have been following your blog for inspiration. Hope to meet you soon.

    • Hi Alison,

      I hope you can make it to Canberra, I would love to have you in the Acrylic Inks class. I know you’ll fall in love with the inks when you see how much can be done with them and it will be loads of fun!

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