Brisbane Craft and Quilt Fair

Judy Coates Perez
I ended my five week trip to Australia by teaching pop up classes in the Unique Stitching booth and demoing various techniques as a guest artist at the Brisbane Craft and Quilt FairJudy Coates Perez booth
my exhibit and work space as guest artist


This is fellow guest artist Loani Prior, the queen of exotic knitted tea cozies. Her booth was on the other side of the aisle facing me, right at the main entrance to the show floor. What a hoot Loani is, we had some good laughs throughout the week.IMG_6476IMG_6477
It was so fun to see all her amazing knitted and crocheted creations. I love to knit, so I became an instant fan. Loani has written several books of patterns for tea cozies, so if you have a tea pot that needs a new sweater, check out these fun titles: Wild Tea Cozies, Really Wild Tea Cozies and How Tea Cozies Changed the World.


A close encounter

Each day I walked a couple blocks to the convention center from our hotel with a delicious coffee in hand (I love these ingenious corrugated cups without a separate sleeve)coffee

and my camera, to take pictures of  interesting treesIMG_6428

pods of all shapes pods

and sizesIMG_6449

And each day I was mesmerized by the gorgeous bark from the Hoop Pine Tree, native to Australia.IMG_6458 IMG_6461 IMG_6505

As I was taking pictures of the bark, I noticed a nest in the next tree about 6 feet away with baby birds chirping like mad as they were being fed. One of the parents, perched on the telephone wire across the street, suddenly flew directly at me. I quickly ducked out of the way as it whizzed past where my head had been a split second before. I felt like looking around to see if Hitchcock was standing nearby. The funny thing was, as I uploaded pictures to my computer, these two pictures caught my eye.P1020560
I hadn’t even realized I snapped a picture as I ducked out of the way, lol.

Next up; more pics from the Brisbane show.

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