Felted Hat

I have had a pattern for a felted hat by Fiber Trends for several years. The other day when I was looking at Jeri Riggs blog I saw the felted hats that she had just made and decided I needed to try one myself.
I used Lambs Pride bulky yarn which felted up almost furry. It must be from the mohair in the yarn. I knit in some contrasting yarn for the band. Two sport weight wools, one olive and one multicolored. This is the before picture. Pen is for a sense of scale.I was amazed at how quickly it felted up and shaped into a recognizable hat, less than a full wash cycle.

5 Responses to “Felted Hat”

  1. Frieda says:

    That is very cool, I also have that pattern, and have never made it, I think I might try it now.

  2. Looks awesome! Did you have a hat form for it to dry on or is the perfect shaping because of the knitting?

  3. Actually I had to search my house for a bowl that was close to the size of my head to stretch it over for shaping/blocking. It was very easy to shape. after rinsing and spinning out the water, it feels almost dry to the touch, so i stretched it over the bowl, then took it off and tried it on. decided how i liked the final shape to be and put it back on the bowl to dry.

  4. Julaine says:

    is that you in the photo? great hat!

  5. yes, without the glasses.

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