Floral Inspiration in Glass House Country

the glass mountainsPeachester is located near the Glass Mountains, you can see them in the distance of this photo. The country side has lovely green rolling hills dotted with cows. cows

Alwin was my host for my overnight stay in the Peachester area. Alwyn and her husband have a beautiful 2 acre property with gorgeous flower and vegetable gardens on a hill top with a small pond and bush behind. It was fascinating to see that all the water for their home was collected from the roofs of the house and outbuilding in 5 large tanks.  The hot water for the house use was heated with solar panels on the roof and awater tanksll the waste water was purified and used for the gardens and landscape needs. The gas for the stove came from two propane tanks on the side of the house that were switched out every two months. All the homes in the area were self sufficient this way. If only we saw more of this kind of conservation in the states.

Flowers from Alwyns beautiful garden:


P1020269Red Kangaroo Paw




I can’t skip showing the photos of this little guy, who landed on the ironing board during the workshop the day before.P1020236
I always enjoy seeing beetles, and think they are very fun to draw and paint.P1020241

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    I don’t comment every time, but I so enjoy your travel pictures. Besides being a good photographer, you offer thoughtful comments and information . Tha is.

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