Houston International Quilt Festival 2011

Between delayed blizzard mail and working on several writing projects I am finally getting around to announcing my classes for International Quilt Festival in Houston this year.

I am so excited to tell all the people who tried to get into my Tsukineko Inks class in Houston last fall but didn’t, that I am teaching two, that’s right TWO Tsukineko Inks classes this year! I will be teaching it on both Tuesday and Thursday! So I am looking forward to seeing all of you this year 🙂

Wednesday, I will be teaching Tea and Ephemera, a mixed media techniques sampler, incorporating tea bags, printed abaca paper, paint sticks and more. 

I will also be giving a lecture bright and early Friday morning called  It’s all in the Process:  Making an award winning art quilt and everything that can go wrong along the way!


6 Responses to “Houston International Quilt Festival 2011”

  1. 2ne says:

    These are very nice – love the colours 🙂

  2. jojo says:

    I’m going to Long Beach and hope to get in the TI class there – wooty hooty!


    Those beetles are gorgeous! Can’t believe I’m saying that about a BUG!

  3. Jane LaFazio says:

    watch out houston! hope to take one of your classes this time!

  4. Jojo and Jane what a treat it would be to have you in class! You both have such fabulous creative enthusiasm, great energy for a class environment! Looking forward to seeing you both in sunny so cal!

  5. Sue Dennis says:

    See you in Houston too. Will try to get into a class- they look great fun.

  6. Yay Sue glad to hear your coming back to Houston this year!

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