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3 pieces going to festival in Houston this fall

I’m very excited to have two pieces accepted into the International Quilt Festival World of Beauty competition in Houston this fall. I haven’t entered this part of the show in about 6 years, before my life imploded. Since that time, I only managed to do about one quilt a year that was cathartic in nature, that I […]

Finishing Festival with Some Flash

My last class at festival was Heavy Metal Play Day which focuses on learning a variety of ways to emboss and color metal. We worked on aluminum and copper with the creative metal tool kit from from Walnut Hollow. So many fun samples!

Painting Imagery With Textile Paints

The  next class I taught at festival was painting with textile paints. In this class we use Pebeo Setacolor textile paints and cotton fabric. In this class students learn to paint  backgrounds, use freezer paper masks, paint gradations,  paint lines, dots and details, and glaze paint to create more visual depth, among many other things.

2 Great Tsukineko Inks Classes at Festival

I’m long over due posting about my week teaching at International Quilt Festival in Houston (I’ve been focused on trying to find a place to live) but I’d like to start off by saying I had a fantastic time in Houston and my students produced incredible work. I taught two classes on painting with Tsukineko […]

Houston here we come!

Woo hoo, let the fun times begin! I love going to International Quilt Festival, Houston, this is my 15th straight year! My first trip was in 1997, the year I moved to Austin, I didn’t know a soul, but I felt inspired and knew I’d be back the next year. ‘Houston’ became an annual slumber party with […]

International Quilt Festival Long Beach Pre-show Set Up

It was so nice to be back in Southern California for another Quilt Festival. This is the lovely view from our hotel window at the Hyatt. Here’s what the convention center looks like the day before festival opens. It is amazing how it all comes together in a relatively short period of time. That’s a […]

Wow, it’s already time to sign up for classes at IQF Houston!

International Quilt Festival info here.For all of you Tsukineko ink enthusiasts, due to popular demand, I am teaching two classes again this fall!  Tuesday, Oct 30Tsukineko All Purpose Inks (6 hours) The benefit to taking my class is, I teach two different methods for working with the inks. One uses the Fantastix tool with a […]

Does color intimidate you?

Do you find yourself choosing the same ‘tried and true’ color combinations over and over? Do you want to consistently dye bright saturated colors and muted colors when you want to? Can you recognize the difference between warm and cool colors and understand why you would choose one over the other to mix exactly the […]

Get Inked in Long Beach!

Wow! It’s four weeks until International Quilt Festival, Long Beach. Would you like to immerse yourself in color by learning how to paint fabric with acrylic inks? Saturday I’m teaching a fun new class 10 Techniques with Acrylic Inks. Spend a day filled with fun and relaxed exploration, beginning with creating colorful textured backgrounds exploring […]

Are you going to Festival in Long Beach?

I can’t believe it’s nearly June! Time is flying by and in just a little more than a month Quilt Festival will be upon us. Here’s the line up of classes I’ll be teaching. Thursday, July 26 Alternatively Bound & Stitched NEW Expand your free motion quilting repertoire with some creative free motion stitching exploration. Then bind […]

Day 3 Heavy Metal Play Day

The saturday metal class was fantastic! Walnut Hollow recently changed the size of their metal squares from 4″ x 4″ to 5″x 5 3/4″, and this larger size really opened up the creative potential for embossing.  My students had so much fun, creating fantastic designs, check out all their beautiful work (click on the photos […]

Day 2- Color Theory

I believe the best way to learn about color is to mix and create colors by watching the physical interaction of one hue upon another using paint. Reading about color or looking at swatches of fabric can give you a sense about how colors relate but there’s nothing like experiential learning to fully grasp the […]

Exploring Tea & Ephemera in Cincinnati

The first day of festival I taught Tea & Ephemera which is a class focused on learning a variety of mixed media techniques: drawing on tea bags and adhering them to fabric  working with printed tea bags collaging a variety of art papers, napkins, book pages and foreign language newspapers additional color is applied with paint […]

Are you going to International Quilt Festival Cincinnati?

This will be my first time teaching at IQA‘s newest location. I’ve never been to Cincinnati and am looking forward to spending a long weekend there this spring. Hopefully I’ll still be in Chicago then and can make a road trip out of it instead of fly (so I can bring more stuff, lol). If […]

Saturday: Make it U, friends, Surviving the Runway and Pokey’s Surprise Birthday Party

Saturday I taught a Make it University workshop using DeColorourant, a product used to discharge color from fabric using an iron. I have an article on DeColorourant in Quilting Arts magazine after the new year. Hanging with Friends Melly, Rice and I ran into Jamie and Leslie on their way to open studios and had […]

Friday: Lecture, Interview, Reception, Dinner

On friday my day began with giving a power point lecture called Making an Award Winning Artquilt (and everything that can go wrong in the process). It’s an information packed lecture showing a series of quilts from start to finish, how I pull together a concept with imagery to create a design, products that I prefer and […]

Thursday: Tsukineko Inks Again and Dinner at 8

On thursday, I taught a second Tsukineko inks class at festival and the good news is if you were trying to get in and didn’t, I had such a big waiting list, I have been invited to come back and teach it again in Houston next year. Dinner at 8 Sue Dennis, Rachel, Sue Bleiweiss, […]

Wednesday: Tea, Preview Night and Dinner with Friends

On wednesday I taught Tea & Ephemera which is really a class about trying out lots of different techniques on one piece of colored fabric. It’s all very spontaneous, playing with various papers, printed paper imagery, drawing on tea bags, using printed abaca paper to emulate tea bags, stamping patterns and texture and using shiva […]

Tuesday: Tsukineko All Purpose Inks

 All my classes at festival were full with 25 students and such a treat to teach, so much incredible work was produced. This is the work of the youngest student I have ever had in any of my classes at festival, beautiful! huh? She’s 17, from England and a total delight. I was so lucky […]

Back home from International Quilt Festival

My first night in Houston I met up with a few of my favorite witches Susan Bruebaker Knapp and Robbi Eklow. Our coven gathered in the bar at the Hilton and then went to dinner over at The Grove. It was a special night since it was the start of my week at festival and […]

It’s that time again!

On All Hallows Eve, I fly to Houston for a week at International Quilt Festival. With so much luggage I will have to skip the broom this time and travel by more traditional methods on Southwest airlines. To get into the swing of things Monday night, Indigo and I will be having dinner with a coven […]

Surviving the Runway Long Beach: The Fascinator

Pokey’s latest theme for Surviving the Runway, at International Quilt Festival, was inspired by the hats worn for formal occasions in Britain, such as the royal wedding, called a fascinator. All the participants were given a flocked black fedora to fashion into a fascinating head piece. The Tim Gunn’s for the event were: Jane LaFazio, […]

A Spot of Tea in Long Beach

My last class in Long Beach was Tea & Ephemera, where everyone works with drawing and painting on tea bags, collaging; printed abaca paper, decorative art papers, napkins and old garment patterns, bits of text from books and foreign newspapers and iron on ink jet transfers made with TAP. Then another layer of visual texture […]

Heavy Metal in Long Beach

Heavy Metal Play Day is a day of fun and exploration; embossing and adding color to metal in a variety of ways, working with both aluminum and copper. It was another great workshop at International Quilt Festival. Tweet