International Quilt Festival Chicago

I want to start off by saying my daughter Nina was the acting photographer during festival. She took loads of wonderful photos, you will see many of them here and on the Quilting Arts site. I am leaving for New Zealand today and have been trying to throw together a couple blog posts about festival before I go. I will probably set them up to post over the next couple days since I have quite a few photos.
My day started on friday by going straight to Make it University and seeing Pokey. Poor Pokey had her ipod stolen during booth set up on thursday. Unfortunately her ipod had all her music for Surviving the Runway on it, so the first thing we did was search for great 60’s music to download to get everyone feeling groovy.

Pokey, who was just a twinkle in her daddy’s eye in the 60’s, is trying to place this recommendation, I had to introduce her to the wonders of Herb Alpert and the Tiajuana Brass’ A Taste of Honey and Melanie‘s Brand new Key.

At noon Nina and I had lunch with art quilt teacher and podcast creator Bonnie McCaffrey
and the lovely Maggie Weiss, art cloth creator extraordinaire, both such fabulous women.

Of course we had to stop by and visit my good friend Frieda, Laura was off teaching in some other part of the world.

Here’s Jane Davila’s husband watching her work in her booth.
Kelli Perkins from Common Life into Art and Kayla from Living the Creative Teen Life  working Open Studios.
I also worked in Open Studios on friday and its always fun hanging with Kristin Rodriguez from Fiber on a Whim.
Jane and Kristin in their booths right next to each other along side Make It University what was IQA thinking when they planned that layout, lol.

I think this photo is so funny, I look like I am having a really good time, which is what I always have when I am at festival! I love seeing my dear friends that I only see at festival and I love making new friends each time I go. Sharing our ideas, learning from each other, laughing and supporting one another is what it’s all about. It makes life so rich.

8 Responses to “International Quilt Festival Chicago”

  1. Have a great time in NZ. We will all get together at Emily’s in May.

  2. Diane N says:

    I haven’t thought about Melanie in a long, long time. Now I’m going to have “Candles in the Rain” running through my head all day long!

    Thanks for the photos and for the memories. (Now I sound like Bob Hope!)

  3. Jane LaFazio says:

    great photos!! glad you had a fab time (and set Pokey straight on the music of the 60s!!!) Your hair is looking beautiful!

  4. Gerrie says:

    Great photos. I love putting faces with names!! Have a fabulous time in NZ!!

  5. you look so happy Judy! makes me happy to see that!
    sounds like you had a great time and Nina is a fabulous photographer. she definitely has an artists eye….

  6. Jamie Fingal says:

    Nina did a great job capturing the pure happiness and enthusiasm of everyone. Looks like you all had too much fun – can’t wait for Long Beach. Safe travels to NZ. Take care.

  7. Cindy says:

    Fantastic photos! Nina has such an eye for photography. Glad she lets you share her work. Have a great time in New Zealand.

  8. Stacy Hurt says:

    You look fantastic! Can’t wait to see you in Long Beach! Have a total B.L.A.S.T. in NZ!!! What an awesome trip that will be!

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