International Quilt Festival, Houston enrollment starts Monday!

Check out the class catalog, it’s that time already! I have a really full schedule again this year with 6 classes and a lecture. and Enrollment starts July 15th.

Monday, October 28 Color Theory #123colortheory
Do you find yourself choosing the same ‘tried and true’ color combinations over and over? Do you want to learn how to mix exactly the color you want with paint or dye?

I teach color theory very much like you would learn it in a college class, by mixing paint and creating color swatches to make a series of charts to refer back to over and over. I believe the only way to really understand color is by mixing paint and seeing what happens when you physically add one color to another, experiential learning of this kind creates the deepest level of comprehension for most people.

Oct 29: 10 Textile Techniques with Acrylic Inks #229
Acrylic Ink
Spend a day filled with fun and relaxed exploration, beginning with creating colorful textured backgrounds, exploring mark making with different kinds of stamps, and drawing with inks using quill type calligraphy and ruling pens. We’ll explore layering imagery with color and simple methods for resists, cutting masks with freezer paper, and painting in a transparent watercolor style. This class is packed with loads of tips and ideas of ways you can work with these versatile inks on fabric.

Oct 30: Painting Imagery on Fabric #330A 7253

Paint offers endless opportunities for creating special effects on fabric, from adding details, dimension or shadow to creating fully illustrated scenes.

While working with textile paints, students learn techniques for creating smooth gradations of color, glazing paint to create more visual depth, covering large areas and backgrounds smoothly, avoiding blotchiness, control paint bleeding, how to work with freezer paper masks, and paint smooth lines and fine details. This is an information packed class geared to help students gain confidence painting on fabric for art quilting.

I love to teach this class not only because I love to paint, but also because I love seeing my students amazement when they are able to learn to do things they never thought posible in just one day. Check out the wonderful work produced by my students in a class earlier this year.

Oct 31: Lecture: It’s All in the Process #460it's all in the process
In this information packed powerpoint lecture I talk about the problems I ran into while making several big quilts, how I resolved them, the different materials I used and why, and new techniques I discovered in the process.

Nov 1: Tsukineko Inks #526, sign up early! this class always sells out fast.Tsukineko Inks_Perez
In this class I teach two methods for working with Tsukineko inks. One uses the Fantastix tool with a dry brush method that feels more like traditional drawing, and the other method has a more painterly quality working with paintbrushes. This is a techniques class where you will master blending and shading, mixing colors, creating light and dark colors, learn how to control bleeding on fabric and creating fine lines and details.

Nov 2: 9  am: Mini Metal Mania #736 (3 hours)PerezMiniMetal
Start the day with some flash by learning to make beautiful designs with dimension and texture on aluminum. Using an assortment of tools, create embossed patterns and imagery, and discover multiple ways to add color and work with pre-colored aluminum sheets. Each student will receive a Creative Metal toolbox from Walnut Hollow.

Nov 2: 2 pm: New Class: Website, Blog or Both? #762 (3 hours)

Learn why a blog might be a better choice for you. Marketing is more important than ever and in the internet age it’s never been easier if you know the basics about; good blog design, how to present your work professionally, build traffic, and develop a following. In this class you’ll learn the difference between a website and a blog I’ll share with you the effective techniques I’ve learned over the years to build a strong internet presence.

I’d love to see you in one of my classes! remember to enroll Monday, July 15th!

2 Responses to “International Quilt Festival, Houston enrollment starts Monday!”

  1. phyllis says:

    Dear Judy,

    I have been looking out for a year for an opportunity to take a class from you – and success!! I signed up for the Tsukineko inks class in Houston (just got confirmation) – EXACTLY what I have been wanting and exactly the perfect day (Friday). I cannot wait!! Yeah!!!! I have many art quilts waiting in the wings and am so looking forward to the class with you to see them come to life!.

    See you in Houston!!


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