It’s been a week for dyeing

This week I have been preparing samples for taping a Quilting Arts TV segment next month about creating dye color recipes.
Here’s a little sneak peek


8 Responses to “It’s been a week for dyeing”

  1. Great colors what are you doing with the strips. They would be fun.want to trade for something?

  2. Sorry but I took the photo before I dumped it in the trash yesterday, lol

    Since I’ll be moving at some point this year I’m being a little more aggressive with that kind of thing.

  3. cindy shake says:

    Look at all of that LOVELY COLOR! And all that work -wonderful palette! then again, I’m up for any color besides ALASKAN SNOW!

  4. ooooh! Beeeyoutiful!!!! How do you cut your pinked edges so straight?

  5. I need to be doing that too!

  6. Candy, I use a zigzag rotary cutter and ruler.

  7. Eye candy for us all!! Did you do this all in one week??? Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  8. Well Mary Helen it was more like the second half of the week. It was quite a bit to get done, but I’ve got a routine down now that works pretty fast.

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