Making prayer flags at Craft Napa

This has been a very hard week with trumps assault on our civil liberties. It has been stressful, anger inducing, frustrating, painful, and scary. I feel traumatized, as each day the news got worse and worse.

But as I write this post I feel renewed. My heart and spirit is lifted with each photo that I edit. I am in awe of the beauty and passion in each and every flag created.

We start by using acrylic inks to paint colorful fabric for each flag.

Then we add symbols and images with stamping and thermofax screens.

Next; meaningful words and messages.

then crop them into rectangles to be strung onto ribbon

that will be securely stitched in place at home.

Check out these glorious strings of flags:
Look at all these joyful faces from creating powerful messages of love and hope to send out into the universe. Good soul-enriching stuff!

Look at Mary Ellen Gale’s beautiful string of flags hanging outside her home. 🙂

This is such a beautiful process to take part in.

I look forward to every time I get to be a facilitator for creating these talismans of good will and love.

In the mean time, I’m determined to try and stay strong and fight the fight to preserve our liberties and freedom in this country that we love. I will do it through staying informed and aware of what’s happening, and create work that is cathartic and meaningful to my soul. For me, that is the only way to get through really difficult times.


Now, I’m off to Mobile, Alabama today to teach a 3 day acrylic inks workshop with a private group of art quilters. See you next week!

Keep creating, it’s good for the soul, Judy


I’d love to spark your creativity at one of these upcoming events:

March 3rd, 10 am  Lecture/Trunk show: It’s All in the Process, Making an award winning quilt and everything that can go wrong along the way.  Meissner’s Sewing, Sacramento, CA

April 21-23 Paint and Print-A-Palooza- 3 day workshop,  Meissner’s Sewing, Sacramento, CA

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Blessings in the Wind: Mixed-media prayer flags


IMG_5538Judy is an artist, explorer, image wrangler, knowledge seeker, instructor, speaker, creative alchemist, and purveyor of inspiration, helping others channel creativity on a daily basis.

4 Responses to “Making prayer flags at Craft Napa”

  1. jeannievh says:

    A beautiful post both because of the artwork and the sentiment. We all need some uplifting thoughts and beauty. Your students look so happy. I wonder if there is a healing quality to making prayer flags? Have a wonderful and hopefully less stressful week. xoxo

    • JudyCoatesPerez says:

      There is definitely a healing aspect to making the flags Jeannie. Right after the election, I was feeling really overwhelmed and spent several days making strings of flags for a sick friend. I was able to disengage from the stress that I had been feeling because I was so focussed on colors, textures and images while in the process of painting and stamping the fabric that I began to relax. Then I spent time focused on each piece of fabric, deciding what message I wanted each flag to say. It was really healing.

  2. Cindy says:

    Thank you for your inspiring words and beautiful, peaceful, encouraging images.

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